A real day in the life living in Alaska | summer 2019

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A real day in the life living in Alaska | summer 2019 4.5
Here’s a day in the life of living in Alaska in the summer, from two Alaska residents. I went on a little overnight fishing trip to Seward, Alaska with my friends and decided to vlog! Being from Alaska, I always get questions about what it’s really like to live in Alaska (does the sun set in Alaska? Is it snowing all year around?, etc.) Of course, it’s really different depending on the season. Summertime in Alaska is unlike any other place in the world. It’s super special to me, so I’m happy I get to share it.

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*literally every alaskan ever has entered the chat* (including myself)

Author — Micah6535


Dude. Finally someone who is from Alaska.

Don't take this as an offensive comment. I'm just happy i get to watch someone who's from here.

Author — Kolite


i feel like its so weird to watch other alaskans talk about alaska without the weird and misguided stereotypes from the lower 48 lmao

Author — Reya Thomson


I wish i lived in Alaska😭😭 Everything is so beautiful there, it's my number one travel destination😍😍

Author — Irene Sanchis


Omg the Simpson’s intro hahaha so great

Author — Leanne Kim


"Should we go to the bars or go fishing?" Said every fisherman ever.

Author — dstraktdangel


I was born and raised here in alaska, im yupik eskimo so it is great to live in Alaska

Author — RocketPlayz 58


I live in Alaska, and I’m in Texas for the summer, I miss it so much.

Author — itsJust Lora


This is so crazy to mee
Whatsup fellow Alaskans! 🤪
I'm gonna be driving from Wasilla to Homer tomorrow, & *Gerdwood stop is a must!*

Author — Kenzie Power


Love this!! It really does reflect a typical Alaskan summer with fishing, camping, road trips, midnight sunshine. we love Alaska :)

Author — Anna Joy


Looking to move the family to Alaska in the next 3-5 years. Trying to get a perspective of the life, and I'm glad I found your video :-).

Author — Michael Phillips


I loved the little time i spent in Alaska, my husband is from Anchorage and unfortunately he doesn’t want to go back 😩

Author — autianna johnson


I fish here in miami we catch other stuff here but I’d love to fish for salmon in Alaska <3 looks so fun. But is it true that you need to be from Alaska in order to fish in Alaska? :( I’m coming to Alaska in 2 weeks for the snow ❄️ ⛄️ but I’ve been there twice before once in the winter and once in the summer time, kind of want to come back in the summer now after I saw this video <3

Author — Caro Line


Well these girls are main stream popularity my version of living in Alaska is walking the country with a fishing pole strapped to my bag and a tent in my backpack. But oh my Gahwd Peoples version of living in Alaska is different

Author — Austin Coleman


i love you! been watching since you were in high school <3

Author — Lauren Martin


Omg I’ve been waiting for u to do this love that you made it because I’m so curious hah

Author — Allison Rose


I grew up in Alaska. (Moved there when I was 8 and moved away when I was 34) Ft. Richardson, then Eagle River. I miss it but I don't miss the long, dark winters!

Author — Now N' haters


Summing up this video from an alaskan who despises the stereotypes:
we're like everywhere else with a 2 month longer winter

Author — Cosmoni YT


I’m Vietnamese and I love Alaska so much. Where I think I can stay away from this crazy lifestyle and crowded cities, where I can live with nature and just live in the most basic definition of living not trying to survive among tons of people. I’m just 17 right now, ready to study tourism at university and do everything I can to go to Alaska❤️ (especially Cooper Landing)

Author — Phuong Bui


It’s so weird to see people filming a place I go to every year also, I’ve lived in Alaska (anchorage) my whole life and I’ve never been fishing before🤭

Author — Aleah