The Czech Republic Beyond Prague

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The Czech Republic Beyond Prague 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Few travelers venture beyond Prague to experience the Czech Republic's many cultural riches and offbeat delights. We'll get started with a whirlwind of Art Nouveau, local pub music, stinky-cheese tasting, river rafting, and peat bathing in places like Olomouc, Moravský Krumlov, Třeboň, and Konopiště. We'll also tour a remarkable memorial to the Holocaust in Terezín, and the charming castle town of Český Krumlov.

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Personally for me Prague is the city that outshines all other european cities.

Author — atempo206


Videos of americans production are usually superficial and stupid. This is one of the exceptions. Very intelligently made it. Good job Rick!

Author — Tomas Fuchs


Loooove Prague, one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.

Author — Happy Life


Congratulations for your national holiday today to the Czech Republic
Since 2000 you celebrate this day. Czech is a main part of the european family
Such an amazing country with beautiful landscape and such charming people
Wish all czech people only the best for the future from your friends in Germany <3

Author — Kevin Wahl


Forgive but never forget. The problem is that the young have not the memories and have no experiences of this Nazi holocaust . Films and documented records cannot inscribe on the young persons minds the horror of this human tragedy. JRL.

Author — john,royston Lawrence


The best wishes for the lovely and rich country of The Czech republic from Iran.

Author — Mohammadreza


By the way... I kinda miss Kutná Hora here. I know there is a lot to mention and you can't cram all the beautiful places into 25 minutes but at least few words... In the 14th century, before the Hussite wars, Kutná Hora was one of the richest cities in the entire Europe. It was all thanks to silver mining and production of coins called Pražský groš which was very popular european currency at that time. Kutná Hora is now listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage (amongst other 11 places in Czechia).

Author — David Bohata


I'm Czech and I didni't know about that ridiculous astronomical clock in Olomouc...

Author — David Payne


We love Czech and we are PROUD to be Czech! :-)

Come and have a FUN!

Author — Hezky Česky


Thanks for the beautiful and educated video!

Author — MartaEzis


The Czech republic is really wonderful country. I love it.

Author — zaskolacek


The Slavic epic is indeed to see in Prague now. It's no longer in Moravský Krumlov. (and a note: the spelling of one of the places you visited is Třeboň). However it's a very nice short documentary, always glad to see people realizing that the Czech Republic has so much more to offer than Prague..

Author — michelleCZ


saw atleast one indian in czech video!!

Author — Stavan Barot


I was in that square a few weeks ago. Olomouc was pretty nice.

Author — Radar Brah


I been  in Prague with my Czech's partner and I loved the historical, the architectural building and the castle. My partner is now in Prague( without me :-( )  to visit his family. I wish I could go back again and to see the other places I have not see yet. Thanks Rick .

Author — Lailani Mendiola


I adore the Czech Republic, I really want to live in this country

Author — Barry


It really seem wonderfull in Czech. really would love to visit after the pandemic 🇨🇿🇩🇰

Author — Nielsen N


good old times with normal music in youtube videos with normal loudness :-D
I think this is one of the best videos about my country on youtube

Author — Ondřej Matějka


This guy's favorite word is "delights". It's in every video.

Author — mike buchanan


The Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha was moved to Prague...

Author — Domihork