Christopher Hitchens, still outrageous

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Christopher Hitchens, still outrageous 5

Steve Kroft profiles Vanity Fair columnist, author and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens, for whom nothing is off-limits when making his wry and often outrageous observations, including the cancer he is suffering from.

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Dying of cancer. Takes a drink of scotch.

What a boss.

Author — YawnGod


Hitchens is NOT ourtrageous. He is rational.

He only outrages the irrational people and the humbugs among us.

Author — LoloLomo


"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die."

Author — TMWSITY


Hitchens said of libertarianism "I have always found it quaint, and rather touching, that there is a movement in the US that thinks Americans are not yet selfish enough". I love that quote

Author — Nodnarb


"I'm a member of a cancer elite..I'd rather look down on lesser cancers."

Author — Pissed Bob Ross


Christopher Hitchens, is not outrageous, he is just honest in a time of hypocrisy, lies and fake correctness.

Author — CyberspacedLoner


Provocateur? Maybe for Americans. He's simply a speaker of truth as far as we are concerned in Scotland.

Author — BotoCorDeRosa


A great man who will be sorely missed by people of correct thought.

Author — mateus Bully


“Here’s a collection of holy books, incase I want to look for loopholes”

Author — Jayson Walsh


Well you know you are watching a American program when the presenter starts by appealing to you to not let the word 'intellectual' scare you off.

Author — Bas


My hero.This man hated religion but loved humanity.

Author — Israr Hasan


I am from Calcutta. I know a thing or two about Mother Teresa's institution. It is not saintly at all!

Author — Ila Gupta


I'm sad to say I just found out who this man was a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've been binge watching him so much I now speak with a British accent. RIP Hitch✌🏽

Author — Ryan Riddick


The mischievous twinkle in his eye was still well alive.

Author — johnulcer


A great man. A great mind. A great loss!

Author — Robert B.


''And here's a collection of holy books, if ever I want to look for loopholes''.
The man's a genius

Author — Balsham91


Amazing knowledge, incredible intellect, devastating speaker, cutting humour. He is dearly missed.

Author — Anti-theist


The worst disgrace is that he is telling the truth to so called journalist who should have told the same stories ages ago

Author — Jesper Nøhr Andersen


Hitchens was naturally brilliant, well-educated, and eternally eloquent. He bravely focused on spotlighting evil wherever he found it, in any of its forms.

Author — Ancient Appalachian


Legendary quote from the great man himself:

"Don't swallow your morals in tablet form."

Author — Johnny quattro