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Why does everyone want to be autistic all of a sudden? Being on the spectrum doesn't make me cool, it just makes me socially awkward and sometimes accidentally rude. I missed the turning point where that stuff became magically desirable...

Author — Ferris Molina


I'm so fucking cis the rainbow goes greyscale when I leave my house in the mornings.

Author — Luciffrit


"There is no such thing as normal"... so then everyone's different, and therefore being different then becomes normal. You cannot escape the concept of 'normal', it is a statistical statement.

Author — CheapShotFail


I wanted to understand gender, so I opened my English grammar. I wanted to understand sex, so I opened a biology textbook and studied the clear psychological and physiological differences between men and women. Fascinating how almost naturally complimentary the sexus (Latin for split in two) both seemed. Finally, to end my day, I wanted to experience being inside a lunatic asylum, so I visited Tumblr.

Author — Pope Cromwell


I don't mind using "them/they" l but when it gets into zir/zirself or whatever, it gets way too complicated and I will avoid anyone who insists on those made up pronouns just because it's too stressful to remember.

Also, if some days you use he/his and others you use she/hers, I'm gonna avoid you just because, I don't know (or care) if you feel whatever gender that day and I rather not be yelled at if I get your pronouns wrong.

And these people wonder why they are so lonely...

Author — Skelly8elly


im gay and those guys make me feel extremely normal

Author — Dovah Elioth


I told my mom about these pronouns, and she has been in the LGBT community since the late 70s, early 80s and she was just...so disappointed and upset about it all. These damn kids nowadays with their idiotic names. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on another planet.

Author — Bayporwave


"I want to be a politician... or a porn star."

Well, shoot for the moon as they say.

Author — Skullb0yz


The thing that bothers me most about "Dear cis people" is that if a cis person made "dear trans people" everyone would loose their shit. So what about "dear cis people" makes it okay?

Author — kas


True story from a friend:
He went to grab a slice of pizza. The attendant was a... well transgender girl/guy etc. with dyed hair and piercings. When he used a pronoun buying, not the right one, she/he/ze/phir/thon started talking about this stuff, he just said "look man i just want my pizza"

(TRIGGER ALERT READER BE ADVISED MATURE CONTENT) The thing went on making a rant on my friend, the manager showed up seemingly not surprised by the situation, got him a free pizza and went inside with the thing.

It's a mad, mad world.

Author — Rui Busto


Okay, the pronouns really bug me. First of all, it's bad enough that we need to memorize these. But how do these people expect for these pronouns to carry over into other languages? Are the Dutch, German, French, Chinese, or any other country's trans people going to stay "oppressed"? For example, in French, you have to make the subject and the verb agree when using the passe compose with the helping verb "etre". There are only four ways to do this: for masculine singular; -(nothing), for feminine singular; -e, for masculine plural; -s, and for female plural; -es. How are these new pronouns supposed to carry over. "Oh if the person has 'hir' pronouns you must add a ' -aas', and for the plural you use '-aases'" That doesn't work in any way. I don't see how these pronouns could possibly work in another language besides English (or any other language that has the same pronoun-wiggle-room as English).

Author — George Wojcicki


Heh, you can totally beat them at their own game. Learn how to pronounce (actual place in Wales), tell them that's what your pronoun is, watch them be offended and bring the conversation to a grinding halt by telling them to check their short-pronoun privilege.

Author — Schindlabua


That "or a porn star" at the god these people have to be trolls lol

Author — Trolls The King


"There is no normal"

Don't even gender studies courses have a mandatory English course? Learn the meaning of words.

Author — 💧🐍


People that label themselves want to be put in jars.
I'm not sure what I mean by that but it sounds kinda cool.

Author — Karen Richardson


17:25  I love it when people say "cis isn't offensive" when someone else says it offends them, then they turn right around and say "you can't tell someone what is and isn't offensive unless you're of the same group" when it comes to other derogatory words.  Seems really hypocritical to me.

Author — LordMyron09


so many pronouns, let's just stick to he, she, and they

Author — Kris Kennedy


Well, let's see, I have:
- two x chromosomes
- all female organs and hormones 
- dress like what is considered feminine and have many feminine interests

However I really don't feel I should label myself. Everyone is so different, beautiful, and unique; classifying myself would only limit myself. But if I had to say I identify with anyone, I would definitely be a heterosexual male.

Author — Afshawn Lapuhe


By their definition. wouldn't "Cis" be a derogatory term? Oh. Right. But it is only oppressive or sexist when it is done by men or heterosexual people.

Author — JRMCNEA


I was in a group with a bunch of kids at the hospital, and there was a transgender girl who seemed really shy so I told her I didn't really know what she was going through but I was there if she needed support, and she looked at me and said "I think all cisgender white women should die." And I was like ??? And then she tore up my stress ball. So yeah.

Author — Ella Maria