GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look

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GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look 5

Seth takes a closer look at Senate Republicans all but completing their cover-up of the president’s crimes as they block witnesses and move to acquit him.

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GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot" - Mark Twain 🤔🙄

Author — Dittzx


Nothing proclaims your party's innocence more than blocking witnesses from testifying and preventing new evidence from entering the courtroom. Any bus bench ad lawyer can tell you that.

Author — Dr. Mantis Toboggan


We now live in a dictatorship, led by a guy who can't spell it.

Author — Total T


She has created jobs, in all the sweatshops in Asia.

Author — Noducksgiven Andthensome


I’m not even angry at Trump. He should’ve been laughed off the stage during the debates in 2016. It’s the millions who lifted him up and still act as a shield that are to blame for all of this.

Author — Mcbeg33


You ever want to get out of jury duty? Just tell the judge that regardless of the evidence you will refuse to hear the witnesses and will vote “not guilty”. You will be dismissed pretty quick.

Author — Arthur Condor


Every senator that votes to acquit is an enemy of the people and a traitor to American democracy.

Author — Dan L


Kansas City, somewhere along the Tallahassee Trail.

Author — Colin Booth


Because this government refused to do the right thing. I hope everyone sees that they voted against us citizens & our country's best interests.I hope you wake up and vote them out!'

Author — Myrah J


America. “The world's greatest deliberative body".
The rest of the world can’t stop laughing.

Author — Glen Fairen


Can't imagine why people think this president is strong. Cowardly is my perception. He is shivering in a corner afraid of truth and integrity. He is pathetic.

Author — Joseph Barleta


The scary thing about this, that his supporters don't even question his lies.
So if Ivanca created 15 million jobs, where the hell are they ?

Author — Car Fli


I miss John McCain 😞 he would’ve smacked every single republican senator lol I’d like to think anyway

Author — YankeeGrump


Lindsey Graham - obsequious little weasel (yes, I know, I'm being unfair to weasels).

Author — jknuttel


I can’t believe we’ve stopped being outraged at all the nepotism. That was a thing for two minutes. Trump hired his DAUGHTER and SON IN LAW.

Author — Calder Wishne


"It is much easier to fool a man than it is to convince a man that he has been fooled."

Author — David Copperfield-not the magician


"His brain is only capable of thinking in cartoons." After reading A Very Stable Genius, this feels even more true than ever. The man doesn't like to be taught things and believes that he inherently has all the right answers; he believes that if he doesn't already have the answers, then he's showing weakness, and that is FAR more unacceptable than simply acknowledging his lack of expertise and learning from his advisers. That means it is VERY difficult for his aides to inform and advise him regarding complex geo-political, economic, legal and military topics. Instead, he relies on pop-culture and movie references to inform his decision-making (and/or Putin, which is probably an even more terrifying thought).

Author — Anthony Ha


Ivanka is definitely against human trafficking, she'd rather they stay in their own countries and be forced into near slave labor jobs in the sweatshops that produce her garbage products.

Author — Rumple Stiltskin


I said a couple things two years ago. Either he will be impeached and removed, or the repulsive repubs will show their corruption. Seems the repulsive repubs have shown they would rather dictate and continue their corruption.

Author — ItzCoopzFtw


The GOP figured something out that Dems haven't: their base will believe whatever they tell them as long as they validate their base's irrational beliefs and xenophobia.

Author — The Dude