Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games)

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Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games) 5


Here is the complete list of games:

1972 Pong
1980 Pac-Man
1984: Tetris - Theme
1985 Super Mario Bros.
1986 The Legend of Zelda
1989- Prince of Persia
1991: Sonic the Hedgehog
1992 Mega Man 2
1992 - Street Fighter 2
1992: Mortal Kombat
1992- Kirby’s Dream Land
1996: Pokemón
1996 - Crash Bandicoot
1997 Goldeneye: 007
1998: Ocarina of Time: Zelda’s Theme
1998-Metal Gear Solid
1999- Super Smash Bros
2000 Diablo 2
2001 Final Fantasy X
2001 Halo
2002- Battlefield 1942
2002- Kingdom Hearts 2
2004 World of Warcraft
2004: GTA - GTA San Andreas
2005- Shadow of the Colossus
2007 Uncharted
2007 - Team Fortress 2
2009: Plants vs Zombies - Brainac Maniac
2009- Assassin’a Creed 2
2009- Minecraft
2009- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2011- Dark Souls- Gwyn
2013: The Last of Us
2013- Assassin's Creed Black Flag
2013- Papers, Please
2015- Witcher 3
2016: Overwatch
2017 PUBG
2017: Fortnite
2018- God of War
2018- Detroit: Become Human

My covers on iTunes:

ROB LANDES is an award-winning violinist who started playing the violin at 3 years in Orem, Utah. Born to a large musical family, Rob gave his first solo recital at 10 years old, performed in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on the Disney Channel with the Disney Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra, and founded a piano trio that performed actively throughout his teenage years. Rob has won first prize at numerous music competitions and has soloed with the Utah Symphony, Utah Valley Symphony, San Diego Chamber Orchestra, BYU Philharmonic, and BYU Chamber Orchestra. As a first violinist of the BYU Chamber Orchestra, Rob performed in more than twenty cities throughout central and southern Europe, and as concertmaster of the orchestra, gave a concert to a sold-out audience in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Rob was awarded full scholarships to attend Brigham Young University and Rice University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Music and Master’s in Music, respectively. While studying at Rice, Rob began covering rock and pop music, and upon returning to Salt Lake City after graduation, began playing with a looper pedal which he uses to create intricate and stunning arrangements of today and yesterday’s most popular music Rob recently won the award for "Best Instrumental" at the Utah Music Awards for his rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

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Just waiting for the wii song


Author — Pigmaster


who else feels like their whole childhood was put into one video

edit: thanks for the likes guys

Author — Samuel Petrie


Not even gonna lie, brought a tear to my eye

Author — BtyClp_HairIsRed


Ur come here for Minecraft song??

Author — BIG BOSS YT


Don’t tell me that I’m the only one who is confused as to how his bow is not broken.

Author — Stormy Gaming


The dead stare when you had the sonic outfit on is worrying.

Author — Bronze


7:34 a sunflower with peashoteer skill?

*wait thats illegal*

Author — fantasy gamers


Imagine that you’re playing one of these games and you turn around and see some random guy just playing all the music on a violin

Author — Juicy Phantom


Beautiful music

Ads: *you ever heard of bubble fruit*

Author — Cat Tree


“LiStEn” the one annoying part of oot

Author — Zillirate


5 year old kids be like: Where is FNAF?

Author — Baldi playz


When both your favorite games are played literally back to back

Author — Malacai Mar


Me: Oh I know this one it sounds so familiar
Also me: **has only ever played Minecraft, Google Pacman and some forms of Mario**

Author — Abby Wolffe


Sad moment

Im never gonna back this time, when im:

Cut my first tree

Create my first pickaxe

Create my first home..

Kill my first zombie...

Found my first diamonds..

Killed my first enderdragon...

Author — Venom Animation


wait, fortnite has music?

*i thought it was just 12 year olds screaming.*

Author — lemongrass


Ahora esperamos la del 2019 call of duty movible.

Author — Alba lucia Castaño gonzalez


This coment it's in spanish

Falta poner Hitman y RESIDENT EVIL



My only gripe is that the Pokémon song is not from the games. It’s from the anime.

Author — Nic Wilson


Ok, after this, do the Evolution of Memes.

Author — - SB -



Me: *cries in hollow*

Author — byNeXxuSGG xd