Man films inside cabin during emergency landing

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Man films inside cabin during emergency landing 4.5
Ethan Williams filmed what happened when a flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing in Alaska.

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The calmness of this man amazes me. I'd be shaking and praying.

Автор — Bella Luna


Someone should emergency land into Area 51 and figure out all the creepy mysterious shit that's going on down there.

Автор — StilwellMotovlogger


It was reported that the aircraft was actually heavier than normal because of all the bricks that were shat by the passengers..

Автор — Bender Bending Rodriguez


Lol what if the plane had to emergency land in North Korea

Автор — Asian Noodle


Aircraft don't "land" on water. They crash on water. You don't of course say that to the passengers at the time, or they would freak!

Автор — ATPL


Cathay Pacific is one of the safest airlines flying today.  If you have to be on a flight making an emergency landing, you would want to be flying Cathay.

Автор — catquack


Pretty brave of you filming all this without knowing how it's going to end. Lot of smart talk from others here on the comments, but i bet more than one would be crying like a baby. My respect for you Ethan!

Автор — marektube


Plot twist: they’re having an emergency landing because him recording messed up with plane’s instruments

Автор — Bone Jones


Just think of all of those pairs of underpants that had to go in the wash from the lucky buggers who stepped off that plane that day!

Автор — Nick Trow


Wish all emergency landings were happy endings 😔

Автор — luckyladytoday


Inaudible? He said "Don't know whether you can see it, they're actually jettisoning fuel" very clearly..

Автор — Felisha Kay


You were in a military base!!?!!? AWESOME

Автор — TrailRidingGamer


there is nothing like water landing, its just crash landing.

Автор — Madhavrox Productions


I’ve been on a plane more than 6 times and i was legit always prepared to die.

Автор — Fluffyfluffandextra


I want this man to sit next to me whenever i board a flight.

Автор — Vivek Barman


"We are participating in a normal landing... normal landing". CNN titles the video "emergency landing", it was an emergency procedure. Way to create drama and attract views and be unprofessional CNN.

Автор — Yipchi Taywonga


I had a dream once when I was standing on top of a flying plane talking with my grandma


Автор — Apo Li


Lucky, they got to land in a millitary base.

Автор — Enclave Soldier


*The plane was landed to a military base, where everyone has been shot dead.

Автор — Nemo D333


Cathy pacific is highly reputed airline though

Thank god, all were safe in the end !

Автор — Xeon