SCP : Sedition - SCP-682

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00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Why in Containment
01:40 - Opinion on the Foundation
02:24 - Desires in Life
03:03 - Thoughts on SCP - 343
03:34 - Origin
04:22 - Hate Humanity
05:13 - Hating all Life
06:15 - Plaq
06:31 - SCP - 999
07:02 - SCP - 001
07:53 - SCP - 053
08:46 - SCP - 049
09:19 - Fear of SCP - 173
09:59 - SCP - 07█ - 2
11:11 - Kill Count
11:45 - Association with SCP - 939
12:53 - Another being like SCP - 682
13:46 - SCP - 079
14:29 - End of the bargain
15:32 - Official Incident Report
15:39 - Meeting
16:35 - Staff Credits

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Thanks for the support everyone.
So some points people have pointed out.
*What 173 did to 682 was cause a lot of physical damage to it when in a testing chamber.*
*SCP-682 introduced into the containment area of SCP-173. SCP-682 makes several screeching noises, and quickly presses against the wall farthest from SCP-173, staring at it the entire time. SCP-682 continues to stare at SCP-173 without pause for six hours. Agents equipped with large-caliber sniper rifles dispatched, and shoot out the eyes of SCP-682, at the same time stopping all observation of SCP-173 and SCP-682.*

*After resuming observation, SCP-682 is shown to be on the floor, with several injuries around its head, neck and legs. SCP-173 is seen to have tissue from SCP-682 on its “hands”. SCP-682 rapidly regenerates damage, and moves to a different wall, developing several sets of eyes on various parts of its body, many covered by thick, clear “caps” of armored carapace. SCP-682 maintains observation of SCP-173 for an additional twelve hours, despite additional efforts of Agents and Foundation staff. SCP-682 allowed to exit containment area, and recaptured in temporary containment.*

*Notes: After review, it appears SCP-173 was unable to do lethal damage to SCP-682 due to a major difference in physical size. A possible repeat of this test may be made if SCP-682 is damaged enough to reduce its physical mass to a level equal with SCP-173.*

*Also what wasn't mentioned was that the second D Class was holding an upgraded rod microphone, so that the problem with the voice not being picked up in the first time around, didn't happen again.*
The video turned out a lot darker than expected, hope it isn't too dark to see whats happening. Not sure why the upload makes everything darker.
I also apologise for the typo error in this video. I hadn't slept for about 2 - 3 days because i was working on the animation. A little bit tired X)
I really enjoyed making this video with the team, hope everyone enjoyed this too.
Yes people pointed out the model is in fact from somewhere else. It was the only model that looked some resemblence to Six Eight Two. I recolored it and adding a (phong map) shiny matte effect. I also changed its neck, head and body sizes to stretch and contort to the actual shape of a reptile.
The actual SCP 682 model from the game SIx Eight Two, looked slightly dorky looking, so we didn't use it.

Author — Tats TopVideos


Researcher: *asks 682 a question*

682: “we live in a society”

Author — JujuPuggy


"Whats your opinion on the foundation?"

682: "Dude im literally sitting in a tank full of acid what do YOU think?"

Author — Zilla Rex


Watch: *asks 682 litteraly anything*
682: *replies with a sinical quote about how humans suck without actually answering the question*

Author — 8 strings and 8 songs


"Captured yes contained no"

(Badass lizard noises)

Author — Carlos Eduardo


Man, that crocodile know more English than I do

Author — ជ្រួលច្របល់ Cambodia Vlogs


"What have we done to warrant your distaste?"

*scp 682 literally contained in a pool of acid: I DONT KNOW MAN ITS A MISTERY*

Author — Gustavo


682 : “I could use 999.”
Interviewer : “what for ?”
682 : chuckles.

Author — vignesh kr


Scientists: i dont know why 682 hate us so much.
Also Scientists:SCP 682 termination attempt number: 627882638291016

Author — HUBA


682: *eats someone*
Interrogator: *God damnit 682*

Author — ThatAceInSpace


The poor class D that had to hold that mic

Author — RushB_ Flamez


"Put it on a leash and teach it to stay"
"For what purpose"

Yeah, that's gonna be a fucking yikes from me, bro.

Author — JillTheOniMain


"Captured.. Yes.."

Goddamn foreshadowing

Author — Black Hole


Had the potential to escape the whole time. It's not malevolent. It chose to play by the humans rules as a form of peace despite killing the first man in the room (probably just hungry).

Author — Donovan


Leave him alone, He just want's to chill in the bath.

Author — The ColaDealer


While the voice takes some getting used to thanks to the Haunted Reader's more iconic voice work, this is a return to form. Most people forget that 682 is a dangerous and terrifying foe and not a Tsundere.

Author — Artie Rupinen


Wish when they’d talked about 001 the angel, the lizard said “that stupid cosplayer.”

Author — Some Person


It’s rly annoying how everything interesting is “redacted”

Author — Jeffrey Miller


682: An intelligent reptile

Also 682: *starts a breach just because he can't see a computer ai*

Author — Goldenfishyboy


Are we all totally going to ignore the fact that scp 682 knows English more than we do

Author — Omnipotent Pumpkin