Cuomo confronts Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s lie

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Cuomo confronts Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s lie 4

CNN's Chris Cuomo presses White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on President Trump's untrue statements regarding payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

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She literally just listened to a tape of trump taking about a payment he claimed not to know about and won’t admit he did 🙄

Author — Cornwall1888


" You call me Christopher, nobody's called me that since kindergarden! " LOL

Author — Larissa Elizibeth


Why am i giving a standing ovation @1:30 am to an almost 2 year old interview?

Author — Abi W


She doesn't shut up! Talks alot about nothing! Just like her boss.

Author — paul wilmot


Clearly Kellyanne's husband did not marry her for her knowledge.
She's a perfect example of why the phrase "dumb blonde" was created🤣🤣🤣.

Author — Eric Fitzpatrick


Its cartoonish now. This administration is a legitimate the world.

Author — JBML007


🌹And this is why I’m a “Cuomosexual💋👏👏👏

Author — Snoopy’s girl


So her argument is basically: "he said he didn't lie" therefore...he couldn't have lied.


Author — UeProductionz


WOW! We all know that Kellyanne can talk the "legs off a coffee table" BUT I never realised how great Cuomo is. To be able to stay on the bucking bronco without falling off was amazing! That women would give most a headache in the first few minuets of an interview. To her credit she did what she does about everything under the sun and NOT answer the question!

Author — Diamond Jim


Wow I can’t believe how she just wontttt answer the question

Author — Way Waters


Why would you respect her? She's lying to your face!

Author — D. Eric Harmon


I thought the Scarecrow was a fictional character until I saw Kellyanne Conway my kids ran in the closet they thought the Scarecrows was coming to get them

Author — Uncle Ruckus


I saw this when it came on and I still believe that every time her mouth opens she should be slapped.

Author — LaJuana Hobson


She never answers a question, just bats it into space in the hope that no one is noticing...

Author — roger le phoque


Even Orwell in his darkest nightmares never could have imagined that people like this woman and her boss would be in the positions they are in.

Author — robicenco1


God, please save the United States from this madness.

Author — Pauline


Damn, she never shut up. How’s she saying she didn’t get a word in?

Author — I've Been Called Worse By Better


How is she lying about something that is on the record that happened

Author — Ethan


Kellyanne needs a moderator, always talking when others are talking.

Author — Hyper Sonic


Way to go Mr. Cuomo! You are well prepared for her b.s.! She really thought she could debate with Chris.

Author — Lady Lala