Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist $3,009,456 The Big Con (Gruppe Sechs) Hard Mode

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Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist $3,009,456 The Big Con (Gruppe Sechs) Hard Mode 5

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Thanks For Watching :), and Forgive me again 13:45 i was tired and still trying to forced myself to complete the heist and turns out even worse than my previous video :/ but we got $3, 009, 456 so.. ;D

Author — RandomWeirdThings 248


i love how close to 6 trays of gold is valued at just under 3 mils but for the union depository, two are valued at 100 mils

Author — Di Muk


Those guards in the casino would be like“why they all jumping like 5 years old it's doesn't make sense at all”

Author — xin wei Koh


don't gold bars weigh 27kg a piece? are you telling me he was walking around with over 700kg on his back with no problem whatsoever?

Author — tupperware


"Buyer would be nervous if they saw cops"
*literally cops comes to hand over the cash to buyers*

Author — Dee


The heist isn't about payout. Only ppl complaining about payout haven't done all 3 atleast once. It's just fun trying to do it perfectly

Author — Terry Wallace


you could of just whent into the sewers losing 0 dollars cuse cops can't go down there

Author — SIR SUN MAN


RIP for whoever has the mcdonalds wifi

Author — Liam Wright


9:58 so nobody gonna ask where the bags went when they changed clothes 🤨🧐

Author — Agustin Vazquez


19:02 bro that hurt me for some reason like i can feel your pain

Author — Ernestino breh


The guy that’s opening the vault door for the heist crew at 4:00 looks like a GTA Online character

Author — Link Ranigan


let me smoke some exhaust to prevent global warming

me: wait a diddly darn moment

Author — dumb fat


16:49 just the boys chillin in the train tunnel

Author — Cursed Content


2:47 reference to the last heist in story mode

Author — Ratchet and Clank


Here’s a tip leave 1 gold bar then quit grabbing then start grabbing again it will refill the cart. Me and my friend did we got 4 mil. Ps: only works with gold

Author — OPR X J


19:02 I've never laughed so hard in a long time!🤣🤣

Author — Guitar Slayer888


3:06 wait lester had a gaming chair all this time and we didn't know

Author — SovietDz 15


i love how you zoomed in at the end at the time 17:55 for the elite and just flashed backed and how you guys fell in the water 😂

Author — tito aguilar


Never get out of a car when the cops are after you. That causes their AI to come to you more directly on foot, rather then aimlessly go on streets and never alliways, railroads, or parking lots.
Get on foot, and they will.

Author — Mini


Everyone did an Heart Attack BRUH

Author — Tristan Et Ilyas