Should You Wear a Mask? Hong Kong Public Health Expert Weighs In

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Should You Wear a Mask? Hong Kong Public Health Expert Weighs In 5
“I never tell someone to wear a mask and I never tell someone to take off a mask. It’s a personal choice.” Professor Ben Cowling of the University of Hong Kong's School of Public Health explains how effective masks are in preventing the spread of coronavirus. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #HongKong


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This is just my humble opinion: I think the officials are saying masks don’t help so people don’t go buy them because there is a shortage and health care workers need them. But wouldn’t it seem that something is better than nothing? What if we all wore home made masks when we were out of our homes. Wouldn’t that help stop the spread? The masks would need to be tossed after use or at least bleached (or do whatever is needed to kill the virus) if reusable. They say masks help other people from getting sick. Shouldn’t we all assume that we are asymptomatic carriers and wear masks then? Taiwan, one of the current covid-19 success stories ensured masks were readily available for their people.

Author — FullMoon588


Americans, please wear a mask outside (if you have them) regardless of whether or not you are sick. how would you know if you are ill? a lot of people are asymptomatic (don't forget, it takes 5-14 days for symptoms to arise), by then you already spread to many others. the mask is a barrier from others, same concept as staying at home. if you go to grocery store without a mask, u are still putting others and yourself at risk. they do help if you come in contact with someone coughing in your face. how can you be so sure that everyone who's sick wears one? i've seen 3 guys just this week, coughing (clearly ill) and not wearing a mask. if you are willing to sacrifice your well-being for the health workers to have more masks then suit yourself. but one or two masks isn't going to make a difference. asian countries even give out 2 masks to each citizen. i really think people need to consider why Italy and US are struggling whereas asian countries all wear masks, they have more experience dealing with infectious diseases. stop being brainwashed and maybe start making your own mask, using gauze or scarf. better than nothing.

Author — helen zee


This is so right. Every western people have to see this video.

Author — Earth-616 KoreanWorker


Good video. Thank you for uploading it. It was very informative unlike the rest I've watched so far on other channels

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Wash your hands several times a day. After using restroom, before & after eating. Then, as soon as you have washed your hands apply a pump of hand sanitizer with at least 60 to 80% alcohol before you leave restroom. Use a napkin if available to touch bathroom knobs, doors etc in public places. Use a bleach water solution to sanitize your home. Light switches, door knobs, wooden chair backs, counter surfaces, door frames, electronic devices (phone, computer), inside your car, etc. It takes a few moments to make solution each day & wipe these areas down. Not expensive, not scary ☺️❤️ I made a simple video of how to make bleach solution. 😉❤️

Author — Wrinkled Mess