We FINALLY Weighed Ruby... (SHAWTY THICC) + Building Her a NEW McFarland Fab Turbo System!

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We FINALLY Weighed Ruby... (SHAWTY THICC) + Building Her a NEW McFarland Fab Turbo System! 5

Well dang boys, Ruby got some SERIOUS upgrades in today's video... can't wait to put her on the Dyno and see what she makes!

Here's our Full Schedule for 2019!

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-Texas Speed & Performance - (512) 863-0900
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💬 Comments on the video

Cooper is so savage with his comments.

Cleat: Look at all those dimes
Coop: Yeah that's like 20 cents.

Author — twiggss


*Fasterproms* "we are all about maxing efficiency on every little part"
*looks inside collector with horror*

Author — Joe Fro


Watching you lay beads is like watching a modern day kid try and drive stick

Author — Blaznmax 88


“Rev it... to the moon” James-2019, needs to be put on a shirt

Author — BOP_DRIP


McFarland Fab
"We're not the worst"

Author — DVS Customs


As a welder i say Cleetus has improved his skills from the first time. Good job

Author — Lextech Lighting


Cletus got that wire speed set to full pull and hes moving way too fast

Author — sony8331


McFarland fab: Asks more airflow of the engine.
Stock cast manifolds: Chokes* Daddy...

Author — Wesley Demsky


This reminds me of an old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but this means two different things to different people . To the average boring person this means just leave it alone but to car enthusiasts it means let’s push the limits until it breaks and rebuild.


Author — 01GTB Daily


I'm honestly amazed that the McFarland fabrication kit has survived this many passes.

Author — newpa1n


James : I’m like 200 pounds well 190

Cleetus : that’s great !

Car scale : you’re 170🙄

Author — Ronnie Dickens


I still remember when you said, "that throttle cable is temporary will fix that" lmao

Author — Joshua Winter


“He’s like that tall son you always wanted”😂😂

Author — TruckerJohn


Everybody: it’s called a cam

James: “lumpstick”

(edit) maybe he said bump stick, idk

Author — Porter McSorley


Move Leroy’s battery to the back straight away

Author — Taylor Painter


With leroy at 8.0 and ruby at 8.5 I don’t see $30, 000 difference in those numbers considering the engine differences. 🔥🔥

Author — Lextech Lighting


"A grinder and some paint makes McFarland fab the welder he aint"

Author — Gabby bridgetndaniel Dunne


Clet: what are we gonna do with it?
James: rev it to the moon

Author — Order 66 Gaming


Cleet: *starts welding"
Mic: "Aight I'mma head out"

Author — Adam Faler


His stance putting in the cam looks exactly how a giraffe bends down to get a drink of water. He really is a giraffe.

Author — J.R. Beumel