GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: The Big Con, Hidden in Plain Sight, $2,705,953 Payout Full Heist

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: The Big Con, Hidden in Plain Sight, $2,705,953 Payout Full Heist 5

The Full Big Con Heist disguising as Gruppe 6 security guards and exiting as NOOSE, hidden in plain sight undetected the whole time with a near maximum take.

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💬 Comments on the video

Man, just watching these heists over and over is so entertaining

Author — Mellow Baton


"But there's a challenge, hardest security you've ever seen"

My 78th time robbing the casino

Security guard "chip delivery huh ? Ok leave it on the left"

Author — Shrekie


Lester needs to tell Dutch how his plans are actually effective

Author — Green Dinosaur


"These have terrible payouts"

Yea ight.

Author — Subscribe to me Because why not?


Dang that vault door guy is always being bullied huh

Author — Leon S. Kennedy


That was probably the most efficient heist I’ve ever seen

Author — Nick


The "goup sex" van. Brilliant. 4 guys in the van having an orgy.
Fr, though, great video.

Author — LaunchedHalo560


These days i been watching TheProfessional for Casino Heist tips, Pyrealm showing the unreleased cars and Ghillie doing the heists.

I dont even have a team for the heist lol

Author — Tacowave


As we progress we should get more and more loot, and daring as well

Author — Brad White


Well yeah you said “people say it’s not good for getting money” then how your gonna get almost 3 million. Bro you ended up with less than $400K.

Author — Mayhem_Rob


When I saw the gruppe Van on top of the horse track last night I laughed

Author — UltRraRageous


One time my friend got a glitch when he whore his regular clothes in the big con

Author — ASAP_Scopez


is it just me or i feel bad for the security gaurd who gets knocked out when you go into the vault

Author — Mellow Ant


u can get an extra 50K if u open this door on top floor in the operator room

Author — danny boy


you lost some money when you got out of the cassino (for some unknown reason)

Author — Ricardo Magalhães


I really would like those noose outfits to be both buyable and be more detailed

Author — Lt. Viper


1:18 I like how the truck just vanishes for a moment there lol

Author — OriginalDarkMew


Fantastic work for you and your friends to complete the setup with out a single waste of money and your plan is WAY BETTER than Dutch’s plan

Author — MisterMAYHEM935


Idk why but hearing ghillie swear is like the most unnatural thing I've experienced this week.

Author — Papa Andru


Artwork is so easy, you can farm it with a single friend. Always get all the paintings and some extra 20-30 seconds to loot the lockboxes.

Author — John Doe