Trump spars with CNN reporter

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Trump spars with CNN reporter 4.5

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The people don't believe in what Media say any more

Author — Chyoma Meje


Cnn is not news channel it’s a propaganda

Author — Ladyfinger Zenab


It's True. CNN is 100% negative press about the president. They drain me. I stopped checking what they report.

Author — Maya Zen


Damn, jim acosta got HOSED by The Donald!

Author — xcasmithx


the left wing press asked softball questions to Obama "what enchants you sir" ?

Author — Kevin K


7 More years As Our President...So Keep it up All u Haters..Thanks For the 7 More years..

Author — Anthony Sopran


Trump is correct, I don't trust the mainstream media.

Author — N Wibawa


Right on Don. We all know and see what you’re talking about. What happened to the media in this country?

Author — Jason Horst


Most people Didn't believe the press before Trump!

Author — Odin's Edible Garden


Hey wasn't sparring with the reporter, CBC stop trying to spin the story with propaganda.

Author — 2 Frisky Felines


Bush admitted in an interview that news was just "entertainment".

Author — Jeff W


You might want to look into the word "spar" a little more clearly

Author — Zach S


god that ended when it could of spilled important information.... hmm...

Author — How Dare You How Dare You


Common CBC lets leave the option pieces Rex Murphy.

Author — Link With A Lightsaber


I died when he said and than I get killed😭



Watch this video at speed of 0.5x hahahaha

Author — Its Favin By the Wae


Though I am not a big fan of trump, I strongly agree with pretty much everything he said about the media.

Author — Abd Albanio


his point wasn't so much that he has discredited the media, it's that the media has discredited themselves. the ratings comments in the full video is in reference to the fact that people see the spin and bias of the media and are turning off in record numbers. cbc, cnn and most other media have ramped up propaganda in an attempt to scare everyone into voting for who they want. media does not have the best interest of the country in mind when they do this, or the truth for that matter.

this is the first election where people turned off the news and went online to hear what others have to say in very large numbers. watching video after video of violent liberals attacking people in every state and rally in the u.s., i then turn on the news to hear their version, i am disgusted by the reporting. cbc is canadas worst offender for this and the reporting is totally dishonest. cbc is a disgrace, i hate that i am forced to pay for it. now you want to impose a tax for the internet to pay for it as well. i would like to see a transcript of the comments that have been removed from your websites and see if there is a trend.

Author — shane s


There is 101% press freedom in America...

Author — Haridas Dukare


Trump literally proved what CBC is doing right now

Author — Alish