The Birth Of Calculus (1986)

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The Birth Of Calculus (1986) 5

A documentary on Leibniz and the calculus.

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It's quite emotional to see the integral symbol written for the first time.

Author — 911gp


old BBC edutainment was better than nowadays, less pretentious

Author — AlexanDr Moskalenko


I hope those books aren't originals the way he's creasing pages.

Author — TheChosenOne


I was fortunate enough to be lectured by the presenter, Jeremy Gray, in 2015. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of mathematics.

Author — Vegan Mathematician


They didn't discover calculus- they developed it. 'While many of the ideas of calculus had been developed earlier in Egypt, Greece, China, India, Iraq, Persia, and Japan, the use of calculus began in Europe, during the 17th century, when Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz built on the work of earlier mathematicians to introduce its basic principles. The development of calculus was built on earlier concepts of instantaneous motion and area underneath curves.'

Author — Mr. Conductor


Im amazed by the way he touches those invaluable books with his bare hands.

Author — locallion


i am a librarian.i would have a heart attack and go rambo after him the way he is treating those books.

Author — prasoon chakraborty


I love math especially solving differential equations.

Author — Jules Manson


I took all 3 semesters of calculus plus differential equations and linear algebra and  enjoy the courses. I'm a science major but this video is interesting of how they came up with the techniques I currently use today.

Author — longbeach225


Very interesting Documentary!
I wish they had taught The Calculus with the historical background as I think it makes the concepts more intuitive.

Although I would like more on the motivations behind trying to prove all these theorems.

Author — Memory Mix


It was discovered by the Greek Philospher, Calculusticles

Author — AJtheory


i'm glad they decided to use Leibniz's notation. Newton's fluxions were pretty tedious.

Author — Billy Willy


I have to say, that this was a great video detailing the process of mathematical discovery and insight. I like seeing just how these things simply just start out from a simple mathematical curiosity and how somewhat seemingly obscure topics in geometry such as finding the tangents to curves with circles and finding areas would have such a profound impact to our society today. Really great documentary, it's rare to see such high quality documentaries these days.

Author — Revoosh Noj


The part about Leibniz starts at 13:02. Superb docucumentary that shows original documents by Newton and Leibniz! And also a "calculating machine" build by Leibniz about 1675 !!

Author — Francisco Carlos Peres


It's weird we have to do so much work to understand the world that originally appeared to ask nothing of us.

Author — Michael Harris


22:08 that's at least a "-2" on a test for dropping the parentheses for the quotient rule.

Author — Rob Barker


my professor showed this to me twice when I was in calculus 1 and calculus 2....

Author — Mirai x


I'm going to sue the BBC. I made this same documentary ten years earlier but never broadcast it on TV.

Author — zebra3stripes


Wonderful documentary, fantastic narrator!

Author — Conrad Complexor


Lmao did his voice just crack?

Author — Rubico