Digitize Your DVD Movie Collection

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

This is all the tools you need and instructions for how to convert your DVD and Blu-ray movies to digital files. This allows you to store and play digital movies on your computer, TV, or other devices. It even works with protected discs.

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This was very informative and will simplify taking movies with us in our 5th wheel trailer. I did find that I had to convert my external hard drive to exFAT format (MAC OS) because the file sizes were too large otherwise. Once that was done the conversion worked great. Thank you for the tutorial!

Author — Gregory Rains


I have over 600-700 dvds and blu-ray videos and have been looking for a simple and easy process of digitizing these videos to either an internal or external hard drive. This video is excellent and has answered all my questions. Thanks.

Author — Donald Wilson


Very well done. Simple and easy to follow, just like it should be.
There's nothing about this video that I did not understand.
It's gonna take me a while to digitize ALL my DVDs!

Author — TheClimb511


An excellent tutorial. I just wanted to add that I compress (using VLC) and make smaller files and have filled up a 4TB Samsung QVO 860 SSD. My Roku reads all files from the SSD (at capacity) and plays them flawlessly. I know most have said 2TB is Roku's top tier, but my 4TB SSD runs perfectly on it, even filled to capacity. This may have something to do with less power for an SSD, though.

Author — Fogstow Jamison Press


Great video, and thanks for the advice on the drive size. I have a ton of discs and probably would have bought something a lot larger than 2 TB then wondered why it wouldn’t load.

Author — RobinP


*I tried Handbrake and VLC and neither worked as easily and flawlessly as MakeMKV. You are a lifesaver sir. Thank you!!!!*

Author — See The Manipulation?


Many thanks for your video, been waiting ages to find a way of converting my own dvds to watch on electronic devices for when I’m on my holidays.Very straightforward and easy to understand thanks once again👍

Author — Jamie Tomlin


Thanks! This has been on my To Do list for a while. You’ve saved me the time and effort I’d have spent researching apps!

Author — Sapio Tone


Hi Jason. Great video. Thanks for showing how to do this and providing the product links. Very helpful :)) Thumbs up!!

Author — Wayne Edmondson


This was a great and simple explanation, to an easy to use conversion program, that works amazingly! Since this program does work so well(Completely hassle free, unlike VLC), and the MKV files now play on Windows media players without any issue, I'm in the process of FINALLY being able to digitize my extensive DVD collection!

I do have one question though. Why do you like to create a separate folder for each movie(2:34)? It just seems like all those folders would be a waste of space. And since you need all the space you can get(since MKV files are so large), I just wondered if there was a specific reason for it or is that just a personal preference of yours?

Thx again for the great and very helpful video!

Author — Reapersmovies


Exactly what I was looking for. Right to the point.

Author — Regius Sphera Pythons


Straight forward and to the point. That should earn you an award….

Author — Thomas Krafft


🇨🇦/🇺🇸... Exactly what I was looking for... thank you!

Author — Christopher Grove


What a GREAT help. I have been trying to find a way to record my DVD onto USP to use on my projector. I am showing Christmas movies in my yard this year.

Author — William Docksey


Thank you very much! Your instructions were clear easy to follow.

Author — Elleah Johnson


Wow you made it so simple. 👍🏼 Always wondered.
Now lets think, say it takes 30 min per video digitizing, how many days it would take to do a 800 + collection grief 😂. Cheers 🍻

Author — Spykers B.


Tried it today april 1st and it still works
thanks for the video!

Author — Leonardo Beltran


Thank you for providing this no nonsense tutorial. I have upwards of 1500 DVDs including Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D movies. Often I won't recognize a title without looking at the case. Is there a way I can add info to a digitized copy's title at the time of copying to help recognize the movie or will I simply have to rename the file afterwards? I currently have my collection alphabetized in specific genres. How can I view a play list of movies in their respective genres once they're digitized?

Author — Rango Unchained


No chance. I had an external drive full of films that suddenly became corrupted and unplayable a few years ago. Digital files may suit casual film viewers or once-watch movies but proper collectors and cinephiles will always want to stick with physical media.

Author — Paul's World of Stuff


Amazing thanks! I'm sure amazon won't complain about the extra business.

Author — Ben Lin