Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW

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Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW 5
We've finally gotten another glimpse of Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC, Scarlett). Let's dive deep into the trailer and speculate.

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Halo speculation time!
What do you want from Infinite?

Author — gameranx


I missed the Arbiter...damn...I always miss the Arbiter

Author — El Brocoli


1 like = 1 push up

Plz I really need this

Author — Peachey


If I have to play as Locke ever again I will be throwing my new Xbox Scarlett through a window

Author — shmengineering


So excited for this, love the armour and new graphics. Great vid!

Author — Emilespartan 5


I'm literally going to play this game almost every single day outside work, I really don't care how many people are pissed off in my life buy dedicated hundreds of hours if not thousands into this new Halo game

Author — Johnny Narrator


I will protect that cinnamon roll until he meets his family
Please 343?

Author — Diazo Streta


The design is based off Halo Legends/Halo Forward Unto Dawn

Author — Spartan Dusk


That might be a reach... Reach release dates? :D

Author — blackhawksq1


I think this version of master Chiefs armor is the greenest yet

Author — Supernova Enc.


Here's a detail that doesn't mean anything game-wise, but was a great inclusion.

The pilot had to really struggle to open the one half of the cockpit door, while Chief nudged the other half aside like it was on wheels. A subtle note to the difference in strength.

Author — VexxMyst


I miss the look of the Covernant from 1-2 the elite armour was on point.

Author — D_92


Things I missed?

Uh Chief, it’s been too long buddy, I missed you.

Author — BlueBlue Games


The year in Halo Infinite might be set in 2561 but, if you add:

2 + 5 = 7
6 + 1 = 7

It's a nice nodd that 343 still follows the 7 tradition by bungie.

Author — Elvar Chris


Spiritual reboot? Makes me think of Resident Evil 7. An attempt to start fresh without throwing out previous lore.

Author — Daniel Thomas


"Daddy Chief"

Thats gonna stick :P awesome video guys <3

Author — Armando Yozzi


4:07 "might be a reach" was that a joke or no.

After watching two more minutes found out yes it was in fact a joke.

Author — Justin Hubbard


Im not worried about the graphics so much (they are nice). im honestly more worried about the story line more than anything

Author — Lukeus Poirier


Man I can't wait for all the Halo games to be on PC. I really want to play through them all again.

Author — Boss Snake


When chief puts the chip into his helmet it says Weapons Containment device inserted

Author — Riley Hooper