Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW

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Halo Infinite: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW 5

We've finally gotten another glimpse of Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC, Scarlett). Let's dive deep into the trailer and speculate.

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Halo speculation time!
What do you want from Infinite?

Author — gameranx


I missed the Arbiter...damn...I always miss the Arbiter

Author — El Brocoli


If I have to play as Locke ever again I will be throwing my new Xbox Scarlett through a window

Author — shmengineering


I miss the look of the Covernant from 1-2 the elite armour was on point.

Author — D_92


I think this version of master Chiefs armor is the greenest yet

Author — Supernova Enc.


Here's a detail that doesn't mean anything game-wise, but was a great inclusion.

The pilot had to really struggle to open the one half of the cockpit door, while Chief nudged the other half aside like it was on wheels. A subtle note to the difference in strength.

Author — VexxMyst


I'm literally going to play this game almost every single day outside work, I really don't care how many people are pissed off in my life buy dedicated hundreds of hours if not thousands into this new Halo game

Author — Johnny Narrator


I will protect that cinnamon roll until he meets his family
Please 343?

Author — Diazo Streta


I have a friend that is working on this game, and he said that chief is finally going to be unmasked in this game.


It’s Keanu Reeves

Author — Matt Phillips


So excited for this, love the armour and new graphics. Great vid!

Author — Emilespartan 5


Im not worried about the graphics so much (they are nice). im honestly more worried about the story line more than anything

Author — Lukeus Poirier


You forgot, the pilot says “we’re going home” as if to insinuate retiring to classic halo



Spiritual reboot? Makes me think of Resident Evil 7. An attempt to start fresh without throwing out previous lore.

Author — Daniel Thomas


Things I missed?

Uh Chief, it’s been too long buddy, I missed you.

Author — BlueBlue Games


That might be a reach... Reach release dates? :D

Author — blackhawksq1


The design is based off Halo Legends/Halo Forward Unto Dawn

Author — Spartan Dusk


I think he said what we were all thinking when he said he wasn’t sorry for Spartan Loch...

Seriously we all hate that guy

Author — b1uecottoncandy


If they made this in any form of resemblance to Halo: Reach I’d be happy. Loved the story, loved the gameplay, loved the multiplayer.

Author — TwentyOneGames


Project Scarlett.
I got my xbox a year ago, that’s gonna be an oof for me

Author — vigoroustelevison


The year in Halo Infinite might be set in 2561 but, if you add:

2 + 5 = 7
6 + 1 = 7

It's a nice nodd that 343 still follows the 7 tradition by bungie.

Author — Elvar Chris