Sanctuary season 4 episode 13 part 3/3

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Thank you all for watching this year season of Sanctuary and for all your amazing support!!!

Happy New Year :)

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What a fabulous show.
Alll the good ones get cancelled.
Magnus is one of the greatest female heroes ever to be on tv.
Thanks for giving us this Livhanna.

Author — SANDFLY2007


I seriously wish that they hadn't canceled the show, a lot of people loved it and it was really put together very well. I would have loved to see a season 5 where they start they're new journey in the new Sanctuary and see what the inside of the sanctuary looked like and not just the outside of it. But overall I will really miss this show a lot.

Author — FrantikTv


"Shall we begin?"

Ending the first and last episodes with the same line. It's a nice bit of symmetry.

Author — Ragman Jack


 I have just competed watching Sanctuary on Dec. 3, 2013. This was an AMAZING show. I had hope the show would continue with season 5 and beyond. Since it did end, I suppose that was as good of an ending and anything else. Helen Magnus ROCKS! Nikola Tesla is one of the coolest guys ever!

Author — winter hug


I feel sad to see the old sanctuary gone, it has so many memories and I love the architecture and design.

Love the vamp action of Nikola, and the kiss.... ** melting **

Author — taiwongfung


Lol Henry always needs his "well done Henry" .. coming from Tesla is something else LOL

Author — A. Notelin


Hi. I found this show on late night tv and fell in love with the episode 'The Five'. I know I'm late to the party but this show is an inspiration for me. I wish that they would bring it back because it's hard to find such a heartfelt show that has the action to keep you interested. And I now have a new role model in Helen Magnus and Amanda Tapping. Both the character and the actress are amazing in their own right and I strive to be more like them.

Author — Ashley Baxter


I will have to say, the ending had a "and they live happily ever after" kind of feel to it. No big giant cliffhanger, just "Helen's got it all sorted, don't worry." So if they don't get picked up for Season 5 I'm sad but okay with it. At least it isn't some kind of "everyone is trapped in a building with a bomb about to go off....To Be Continued" ending like all the other seasons. But if they do get picked up, at least they have a new direction to start from. Nice work, Kindler.

Author — duliGirl


Forgot to mention, the show's soundtrack this season is incredible! I wish I could buy the music from episode 1!!!

Author — akottas


I so want a season 5...mainly because I want to see henry's baby ^_^

Author — chrno269


Although I'm sad Sanctuary was cancelled, you can't knock the end of this episode. It was tied up neatly and left for everyone's imaginations to run wild with. Brilliant exit for this show.

Author — Spoops34


I am actually satisfied if this is the end. I love this series and really hope for a season 5, but in terms of endings for shows, this one would sit fine with me.

Author — Taonas


The soundtrack in this ep is gorgeous. I miss this show... I really liked the blossoming friendship between Henry and Tesla. And the TESLEN! My god. <3 If only it would've continued... :'(

Author — Banana Hammock


LivHanna, Thank you so very much for posting all of the episodes of this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them on your YouTube channel. So many fans you have, a good thing, it is! :-D

Author — 125AXer


What a great ending. If SyFy don't pick it up, I'd like to see it back as webisodes. Thanks Liv. Happy New Year!

Author — Star2bno1


NOO!!! I loved the Old City Sanctuary. Then it just goes BOOM!!! Helen is so cheeky. I love the ending. Amanda Tapping plays her part so well, absoulutely awesome. Didn't anyone else see Terence Wexford in the background behind Will when the Sanctuary blew up?

Author — SanctuaryObsessed


OMG! This is the best final episode I've ever seen. There must a next season!!!

Author — Zaphray


OMG, I just finished it and I have goosebumps all over me. what a beautiful ending!!! The storywriters are such geniuses. and thanks thanks thanks LivHanna for posting the videos. The whole season was so great, with an epic ending. I am looking forward to next season. and happy new year to you too.

Author — fgb1


Oh that new sanctuary looks so boss!!!! I haven't been watching this season much, but this makes me all hyped up to watch season 5.

Author — Day Time Nightmare


The kiss was so beautiful! I hope they meat again in the new Sanctuary and continue :-)

Author — Nerwen1000