From begin to end! Make clothes in The Sims 3 tutorial. (Marvelous designer)

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[ !! I'm thinking about to delete this tutorial because it's deprecated. I'll doubt to make a new, better tutorial instead of this! But keep in mind, I won't promise anything. But as long as I don't make a new tutorial, the old one won't be deleted. !! ]

Here is a basic tutorial. Making clothes for TS3. I made a top, a very simple top. I hope you can follow it. I'm not so good in english and explaining so..

The files you need:

(I put my whole map into that .rar file so its all the same :) )

Programs you need for this tutorial:

-Marvelous Designer 3 (Other versions can too)
TSR workshop Link down below. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2.0.86. or something, because the recent version is bugging with bones.)
-Photoshop (Gimp can also but not explaining here.)
-Mesh toolkit

Controls in Blender when you are adjusting the UV:
B = Select
R = Rotate
A = Deselect all
G = Drag
S = Scale

Link TSRW:

💬 Comments

I was very afraid of not being able to create clothes, but thanks to you I was able to do my first piece of clothing for the sims, thank you very much! It will be a great help for my machinimas <3

Author — S T O R IA


Thank you!!! it's my first time creating clothes and you made it easy for the tutorial

Author — Marshmellostan


More people should watch your tutorial cause I hate it when I download CC that isn't morphed or whatever it's called and when I wanna do a thicc sim the clothes don't fit 🙃

Author — Hi?


Your tutorial is very helpful! ThankS!

Author — Nguyen Hoa


would be cool if you linked the programs you need for the tutorial, can't find this "milkshake" program anywhere

Author — Aesthetic Cat


Do not delete I just saved it to my watch list because I would love to learn how to mesh, I have been creating clothes for sims 3 and keep getting the original mesh outlines showing on my clothes so i guess I am going to have to learn how to do my own meshes...Thank you for this tutorial. Appreciate it and I am glad I found it <3

Author — Risi


hi :) i'm thankful for you tutorial. it helps me a lot. i am making my own skirt following your video.
but i stocked on TRS morphing part. i followed well and i used your file. when i applied assign file through TSR, the character twisted more than before apply 'morphing-assign' process. how can i solve this problem?

Author — grass lemon


Thank you so much for your tutorial! Please could you give the link to download "UVafbody.obj" because it's not in .rar file in your description. I will be so grateful to you)

Author — Bolero Production


Hi! Thanks for the very clear tutorial! Just wondering if you have ever made a mesh with the Chisami's body mesh... I'm stuck at the "baking" point because this body mesh has shoes, and don't know how to delete them. (i suppose they will affect somehow the uv map..?! correct me if i'm wrong). Sorry for this messy question, I suck so bad at these 3d programs... .-.

Author — Adriana Benedetti


This is amazing!! It’s MD 5 though, right? Would you be willing to make an updated video for MD 10? I keep trying to download MD 5, but it says that my license is out of date😭

Author — Victor Gibson


Hey there, thanks a lot for this tutorial. Showed me a couple tricks that I believe will help me fix a few things on my meshes.
Also I have a question. We don't see it with just a T-shirt but does the bone assignment with the base wso used from the cloning and the morphing with the pregnant file you used in this tutorial work fine as well with dresses? On my personal tries I got some weird shapes in TSRW when the shape of the base wso was too far from the mesh I had created. Sadly I could not find any existing mesh for the dresses I wanted to created (for example a long dress with long slits on both sides). I ended up with the dress getting kinda "stuck" between the legs, like for trousers.
I'll try some of your tips as soon as I can anyway.

Author — Zelrish


thats amazing where did you got the base thoe?
it would really help me out thank you <3

Author — Gloria The Animator


Your tutorial was very helpful, but whenever i open my file in blender it always appears to lay flat on the floor and i'm not able to put it on the UV body. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Author — L Mly



Thanks for the tutorial it's so very usefull, but i have a problem when i already morphed the mesh with meshtoolkit the material is broken the hand texture is missing when i test the unmorphed model it's fine?

Author — Faisal anugrah


Hii loved the tutorial and I would like to ask where can I find the sims 3 avatar?

Author — Yesugen Tsogbuyan


After school imma make an off shoulder shirt thanks for the turtorial!

Author — JuniDaBoonie


Hii, I wanted to know on the part 10:31 how exactly would I do it for a full outfit? Like the Yellow, and purple?

Author — kansi kane


Wow I’m really impressed that looks like a lot of work and desperate as well 😂😭

Author — Anna


Hi! How do I save as .DDS in PS CS6? I'd appreciate your help :) Nice vid! Cyaa ~

Author — Perpetual Burn


Now I'm having another problem. At the video point 8:46, I put in the files named 'morphed.wso' and 'base.wso' as shown, but upon clicking 'Do Assignments and Save' it comes up with this verbose error message: Error: Could not read file base.wso. Original error: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. at br)

Author — celestialchik