Lego DC 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Speed Build

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A detailed look at the 1960s style Lego DC 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile with a rotatable stand. This video was produced for Adult Fans of Lego looking to expand their own DC Universe collection.

Pieces 345
Price $29.99

Special thank you to Lego for sending All New Bricks this set to build.

The original 1966 Batmobile didn’t feature any shooters, therefore extra bricks have been added to this set so the car’s hood can be easily rebuilt to appear just as it was in the series if desired.

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Thank You for watching and Happy Building.

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R.I.P. 1928-2017 Rest and Peace Adam West the coolest, awesome and best actor ever in the history of Hollywood and I like when he became Batman in the tv show of Batman & Robin

Author — Diego Perez Cotto


Fun fact: when someone said fun fact people will read it

Author — dwayne justine jopson


My dad saw the original Batman and this was it, thanks for uploading this.

Author — Oakular Oregon66


Damn that little batman and joker animation is brutal

Author — GBR47


We gonna miss a lot a Adam West he play Batman in the famous tv show called Batman & Robin and he is the best and awesome Batman in Dc universe

Author — Diego Perez Cotto


"I am vengeance, I am the knight, I am batman"
-Kevin Conroy

Author — Player Gamer


I always get excited when i see the notification!!! Awesome speed build and stop motion today!!

Author — Caedmon Legatt


I really like the edits you made, I can ask you how you managed to do them so well? :)

Author — Brick 12


Just opened this set 5 min ago and I am missing the stinking sticker sheet! grrrr

Author — William Irvine


Great review/build. Fantastic set, though it's sadly missing Robin.

Author — Coffee in Hand Productions


Awesome set and brill stop motion will have to get this set. Keep up the excellent content.

Author — Richard Gardner


Hello! I have a question, how did you made the "brick sound", it sounds cool...

Author — Mini Brick Fan


Met your brother at a Birthday Party in Barre this weekend and he told me about your channel. Rock on man and congrats on your success.

Author — Hey Look Squirrel


Bello il video Davero ma puoi anche far vedere la batcaverna del 1966 di batman li ce tutto

Author — Flavio Consiglio


This was such a cool 😎 set. And the classic bat mobile is so awesome. Nice 👍 work All New Bricks

Author — Kevin Nava


Nice video, very good choice to build it!!!!

Author — korm studios


This is actually pretty great, a nice car model!

Author — Mister Rubbernose


Ok so now lego needs to release a full sized more challenging version like the movie lego batmobile. 😜

Author — Ariez


This is amazing. Your videos are great 👍

Author — Salvador Animations


The products reviewed by All New Bricks are all cool👍

Author — SI EON