Images show smiling passengers moments before fatal helicopter crash

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Images show smiling passengers moments before fatal helicopter crash 4.5
The pilot told police a tether snagged a fuel lever and a float inflated improperly.


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This is so sad. I'm so sorry to the victims and their families

Author — oh sorry I was just chOking _


Shouldn't they have went thru an emergency incident situations??? To prepare to escape within a second just like that "PILOT"! How did they all die but the PILOT! Sounds really wrong!!!!

Author — leilani Chapman


I never wear the correct harness...Ronstan Snap Shackles only. One on the floor and that it. I also wear a helmet when I fly and PFDs.

Author — dubl haul


I can't even imagine what goes through ones mind as your plane is going down and you start drowning. The panic. The fear.

May their souls forever rest in peace.

Author — LosAngeles.323


Ugh one was a firefighter, imagine surviving and fighting fires after fires thanks to water, but dying cuz of water. Life is cruel :( RIP to everyone

Author — Xo L


Any safety harness on a helicopter that you need 2 minutes to get out of is not a safety harness at all, it's a death trap and a disaster waiting to happen. Can you imagine what would happen if cars had seat belts that required 2 minutes to get out of? There would've been an outrage.
2018 and all this technology and they can't devise a harness that can be taken off in 15 seconds... that is the real sad part in this story.

Author — MackP


Don't you think you should had shown your passengers how to get out of the harnesses in the event of a crash...?? And you should definitely be testing out your floatation device on a regular basis to make sure there still functional.

Author — Michael Jo


the only problem here is how they were strapped in underwater. if they could get out of the helicopter, they would be completely fine

Author — BossATsleep


The same way flight attendants give instructions before a flight, helicopter pilots should have to do the same. Heartbreaking.

Author — Gina G


Just imagine the force at which the helicopter must have hit East River. The East River must have been bitter cold and east river is a dangerous place with extremely strong currents. Even if you are experienced swimmer, the currents can take you away. Its is a horrible way to die...So sad

Author — Shiv Kris


So they didn't die on impact but from drowning. How dreadful either way. God rest their young souls. RIP

Author — SM


The pilot was able to get out of his seatbelt because it was not the same kind of harness the passengers were required to wear and he has put it on and taken it off thousands of times...hes VERY familiar and used to it.
The passengers are ONLY REQUIRED, BY FAA regulations, to be SHOWN how to get out of it ONE TIME. Liberty for a beyond that requirement by actually having the passengers practice getting out of it, using their cutaway tool before they even start the helicopter up.
That said, in that kind of scary situation, very few people are going to remember what they were shown one time.
It also doesn't help that the front right set of floats didn't inflate properly, causing the tuck and roll. If it had inflated, that aircraft would have sat there and floated down the river and everybody would have survived, I have no doubt.

The pilot did a fantastic job of autototating to the water, especially considering he had to clear some tall buildings that were along the river's edge.

Bad situation all around but everybody that got on that aircraft willingly, knowing anything could happen up to and including death. Pilot was not negligent by any means and it's quite a load of crap that he's personally being sued.

Signed... A professional helicopter pilot.

Author — CopterPilot801


I'm never stepping foot into a helicopter. No thanks.



I’m sick to my stomach thinking about these poor young peoples final moments

Author — Juke


*NOT THE FIRST TIME* the fuel cut off switch has been compromised and heli's have gone down

Author — Un Tor


This should not have happened.
How sad.

Author — I'm gone


Obviously the pilot didn't do a Dry run with his paying customers..but hey, he Survived..No Problem..who's next in in line to Die ??

Author — Douglas Fox


Why is there no emergency release button for the harness?

Author — D.i.0


Graças 🙏 parabéns pelo canal
Tudo o que quero Fazer valer a pena,
Nesta vida as oportunidades não voltam!..
Beijos com carinho ...
Thanks, Congrats on Channel
Everything I want to make worthwhile,
In this life as opportunities do not come back! ..
Kisses with love ...

Author — Franny Becker


Very sad.It's also sad that all the "news" outlets rushed to say that there were survivors in their initial reports.This addiction to rush information out needs to be curbed.

Author — Joseph Dwyer,Sr.