Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

We've announced the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, the latest development kit for the Oculus Rift with a low-persistence OLED display and low-latency positional head tracking.

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It's always great to see Carmack being excited by his projects.

Author — Kayle Lang


I'm so technologically illiterate that I'll probably have to wait around for the consumer version, but I'm super hyped that the Rift is somehow getting better than it already was!

Author — Lori P


Bought one!  who can wait another half and year for this? 

Author — LioN KoLLA


This is on of the most exciting technologies I've seen in a long time. So tempted to pre-order one...

Author — poshko41


CONGRATULATIONS Oculus Team ! I can't see the performance of the consumer spec. being higher than the dev kit 2 so . . . 6 more months of global marketing / brand awareness and content creation from some AAA+ studios and we can all have consumer Rift's under our Christmas trees this year - RIGHT ?

Author — Jay Pase


I love you Palmer, I love you Oculus and I love everything you have done these past few years. Times are hard and the worlds going to crap but you have brought inspiration to thousands with this re-visit to VR and all the wonders it delivers. Thanks a million and I am extremely positive about the future of gaming. Just seeing Carmack in an Oculus t-shirt makes me dewy eyed haha cheers :)

Author — Falandorn


The only thing I'm bummed out about this, is that it means that a winter consumer release is slightly less likely. Still got my hopes up though! Man I wish I had the money for this right now!

Author — Philip Zeplin



“I’d rather see Valve disintegrate than sell out” - Gabe Newell

Author — Orange Man TM


I'm crying, this device is gorgeous. I am so ready!

Author — Sam Surgeon


This is the best news I have had all freakin' year long. I love my Rift and my faith in Oculus just keeps growing every day.  This announcement of the DK2 is simply mindblowing!!!!  Get in line boys and girls :)

Author — Jamie Veinot


The fact that John Carmack in OculusVR team means that we will see the HUGE revolution in the game industry since early 90s... 

Author — Alexi GVS


It makes me real sad that everyone is hating so hard on Oculus. I will choose to hold back my judgement until the final product comes out. Mr. Luckey is a smart man and I shall wait to see for myself what the Facebook partnership will do for Oculus. 

Author — Bruce Crawford


DK2 :'-) Such a great advancement in the road to VR. It was such an awesome device - and hope it will continue to be awesome for a bit longer. Don't disable the DK2 in the Oculus runtime yet, please!

Author — Michael Wentworth-Bell


There were people who said that touchscreens are impractical, that nobody needs an inferior device to use internet on the go when they have computers at home, there were people who thought that 4.5 inch phone screens are ''pushing it'' and HD displays on them is the waste of technology cause ''you can't see pixels''... There are always people who are stuck in the past and don't see how past the train is approaching cause ''I saw this technology already in 70s, 80s, 90s- it will never be ready''. I hope I won't be one of those people when I get to an age where I can recall times 3 or 4 decades past.

Blackberry thought that people won't use virtual touchscreen keyboards on their phones- where are they now? Nokia thought Android is a bad idea and touchscreens are a bad idea too? Where are they now. Apple thought that people don't need a phone screen larger than what they're offering... Well, now they gonna make one apparently.

The problem with that is that people of a certain age cannot look past their own age group, baby boomers recall how they liked to drive around in their cars and think that ''driverless cars will never catch on'', while a modern teen couldn't care less about driving if it impedes with him watching a vine on his iPhone or using a VR headset. I, for example, being 25 also can't understand the ''app'' world as well. I'm one of the people who would just look around and wait until the light turns green to cross the street, while many other people my age or younger would instantly take out their phones and watch/read some shit... I'm not saying it's good but ''times they are a changin''' all the time and most of what 80s or 90s youngsters did do not apply to modern screen whisperers and whatever will come after them. Perhaps we will all just stay in our cubicles staring at a virtual world in future, who knows. Perhaps it's bad, perhaps it's good, but societies are changing.

Author — Andris Jansons


looks absolutely awesome! cannot wait for this. imagine a game like Stalker: Call of Pripyat or Arma 3 on this! Star Citizen and even Mechwarrior are going to be insane. oh and racing games. holy shit... sorry too excited :)

Author — CrazyED


Awesome!! I ordered one imediately!

I have the v1 and it clearly(!) proved that the VR and the Rift is the future of all gaming and more!

I hardly use the v1 due to its low res and high latency which makes gaming on a large screen in 3D a better experience. But with res and latency significantly improved DevKit 2 might take this over the edge and into a permanent "game changer" :) Its so cool that there are already large titels which support the Rift, so when V2 arrives I will already be able to use it in Assetto Corsa (the best car simulator) and other great titles!

Author — TheRoggan123


God I want one so bad, I know I should wait till the commercial release, but it looks so awesome.

Author — EctoSage


I can NOT wait!!! More excited for this than anything else in entertainment history!

Author — SixFt12


I'm still suppoerting the movement, the vision. #GoOculus  

Author — twenty1aboutdis


"Ratings have been disabled for this video."  -  That should tell you everything about this company and video.  But thanks for the idea, I'm going to come up with an idea, scam people on Kickstarter, then sell that idea, and double profit.  Thanks for the blueprint Oculus!

Author — Andy Miller