Operation Flashpoint (Arma) - a Nostalgic Review

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Operation Flashpoint (Arma) - a Nostalgic Review 5
Why Operation Flashpoint was (and still is) one of the best military sims out there, and a fun sandbox to boot.

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Operation Flashpoint was renamed Arma: Cold War Crisis after Bohemia Interactive split away from Codemasters. Interestingly, it doesn't include the Red Hammer campaign since they don't have the rights to it... but it was the weakest of the 3 anyway.

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Author — Daniel Orellana


As someone who played this as a child, can confirm I'm a military genius now.

Author — NavidIsANoob


Count with me:
- Non-linear game play
- Scalable and extendable in every way via modding
- Never crashes (unless some incompatible mods installed then it's your fault)
- Wide maps
- Everything can be operatble
- Simple but effective unit commanding style

I spent countless hours on this game, and I wish I have free time to spend more because this game is just enjoyable and you can tell how great it is by the success of its sequels.

Author — Vortex


I remember back in 1999 when I was at a LAN party with a few of my friends, I was talking about an open world game in which you could be whatever you wanted in a military environment, from a standard solider to a tanker, pilot, or a commander. All of my friends said, "it can't be done, at least not for another 10 years". 2 years later I introduced them to Operation Flashpoint and most of them hated it, said it was too slow and that Counter Strike was better, but for me, Operation Flashpoint was everything I wanted in a military game, and back then these graphics were top notch to say the least, despite some of the obvious bugs.

I have owned every Operation Flashpoint including Dragon Rising (which was ok), and Red River (which I liked, but hated that it was considered a Operation Flashpoint game). I have also owned every ArmA game, and logged at least 45, 000 hours total (5.136986 Years) across ArmA (with expansions), ArmA II (with expansions), and ArmA III (including APEX Preview as of this post). In fact ArmA II is what got me started into modding for ArmA, and that has culminated into my ballistics project in ArmA III where I provide the ballistics for modding groups such as HLC/NIArms, RHS, RobertHammer, EricJ, and SMA just to name a few.

Bohemia Interactive is truly one of the last few game developers that respects their community, and even embraces them. They fully understand what it takes to be a successful game developer, even if their bugs are numerous and sometimes flat out retarded in the way they try to fix them. However when comparing them to studios like UbiSoft, Codemasters, Activision and or Electronic Arts they WAY above them, not even in the same universe. I was all too happy to give BI my money for the Apex expansion, and I look forward to all the additional content they provide in the future. Here is to hoping other developers look at the success that Bohemia Interactive has had and learn appropriately from it.

Author — John


10/10 review. Extremely underrated game nowadays, and that campaign... I still remember the mission where you're stranded and need to get back to your unit... one of the most difficult missions of any FPS i've ever played. Took me a good three days to complete it... Heart throbbing as I hid in bushes hoping they wouldn't find me, then sprinting through the forest with gunfire ringing past me. The amount of satisfaction and achievement I felt completing it simply isn't going to be matched nowadays.

Author — Xenoforge78


I was in the Army when it came out and remember thinking for the first time that this was the first thing even close to reality. For a start, you'd be under fire, and you couldnt see where it was coming from - that was exactly what we would encounter on exercise and its what really struck me about this being different to games like Delta Force etc. Also, that you didnt have to be some lone SF super soldier, you could be a machine gunner or medic as part of a squad. A real watershed moment in gaming.

Author — OneEyePI


ArmA II and ArmA III are great, but they lack the campaign quality of ArmA Cold War Assault (OFP)

Author — Rytis Liaučys


Awhile ago, me and an old mate of mine were playing a zombie survival custom mission. Us two, some AI squadmates, and an island full of running zombies with a few vehicles and ammo to survive on. Only an hour into the game we were running for our lives, our AI squad mate was driving our only vehicle; a humvee. He crashed it into a power pole at night, injuring all of us, effectively taking out our legs. We crawled out of the crashed vehicle only to be jumped on by two dozen zombies momentarily. We all died shortly after, but that was certainly a great moment.

Author — Cayden


Yes yes This game was my childhood. I played this game so much in every way possible. Making my own epic beach head missions, piloting and driving every vehicle. Oh my god what a great game. This should be a game that gets remastered. Seriously, remaster this.

Author — Tony Ling


Opeartion Flashpoint is till this date on of my favourites games ever made! I like it even more than the newer ArmA games.

Author — drothokkroc


An absolute spot on review of the game. I never left Everon because OFP has all I need in a game. And that Editor!, my god! The hours of fun that editor provides to this day. Not enough can be said of OFP. I fell in love with the scenery on Everon, and I'm in the process of modelling Everon in 1:160 scale. I'm running a railway through it to provide operational interest. Most of the buildings are constructed, I just need to update my channel to reflect that. Cheers!

Author — Everon Railways


I own every Arma game and love them all but this still is and will always be my favorite. Not only does it have the best campaign of all the Arma games, but the gameplay perfectly captured the idea of "playing war" just like I did with my army men in the garden (I had tanks, helicopters, barbed wire, sandbags, the whole shebang)

Author — Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo


Loved this game back in 2001. The most memorable points for me were: A panic run through a forest getting shot at, . Trying to decide how best to ambush a convoy in a valley. And sneaking into a Russian base stealing a helicopter to make the mission easier.

Author — Joe O Sullivan


I have not and hopefully will not ever experienced War but I can imagine it alternates between extreme boredom and extreme terror, with plenty of confusion to boot. Operation Flashpoint captured this perfectly. One of the scariest and most tense gaming experiences I've had were when I had to hide out in the woods whilst being overrun by enemy troops. You wake up the next day to find your teammates dead and enemy troops heading towards you. You then have to traverse several kilometres of enemy territory without being killed, trying to make your extraction in time. Your heart is in your throat the entire time. It may have been largely scripted but it didn't feel that way.

Author — Jamston Julian


Oh man, this is truly the most important game of my childhood. I first played it when I was like 7, never made it past the fifth or something mission, and still spent hours dicking around in the editor and replaying those few mission over and over. Then I reinstalled my computer and for some reason didn't install it afterwards. Skip many, many years, and week ago I found the old DVD with this when I was cleaning my room. Surprisingly it worked, so I installed the game. And... just... the nostalgia was so overwhelming. Such a unique and unforgiving game with a wonderful atmosphere. Fuck the convoy defense mission tho.

Author — A person, probably


Remember playing this When i was 3-4 years old. the game was a bit scary however it was fine with having some AI squadmates. my dad would create a capture the flag missions. with tanks supporting it. the AT guy ai would 90% take out the tank so i never worried after a while. future skip after turning 5 and numorues tries i actually onces managed to defeat the 20-30 people defending the flag or so i thought however the action menu was to advanced for me all i knew was move and shoot ;P so inveitibly one Ai snuck up on me and shot me in the back of my head. good times as a Child i say.

Author — King Leonidas


Recently I finally purchased Arma 3 and played it. Pitiful campaign it was (I don't really get why these guys are so obsessed with Spec Ops thing when the best part of the game is clearly the massive combined arms battle), but I was impressed how they managed to perfect the system. Just imagine how good it would be if we could play fully remastered Flashpoint and Resistance campaign on this engine...

Author — Kyouhyung Kim


You nearly explained my experience with this game exactly as well (no internet and such)... I remember after a mission going pearshaped, killing an enemy sniper then stealing his svd and finishing the mission with that and broken legs (from another random group of roaming Ai that managed to tag me) crawling for 1km up a hill to get my debriefing. The camera pans around my guy talking to the officer and my dudes face was blown off... just a bloody surface with his mouth moving... telling the officer casually that he had a few dramas but managed to complete the mission. Awesome shit.

Author — Stainless Fishing


I am a combat vet who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. I love arma, I didnt get to play the original flashpoint, but i remember holding the box alot at walmart as a kid, hoping my parents would buy it for me haha. Anyway, I thought from a mil sim perspective, that red river was quite good. Its so far the only game I have seen that works properly in a platoon format. In real life, ( I was a SGT in the 101rst Airborne) soldiers fight in squads, which form a platoon, a platoon usually has about 20 to 30 men in it under the overall command of a platoon SGT who is a SFC, and delegates his orders to his SGTs who lead their squads. I cant think of another game that does that in singleplayer. Red River always saw you in some open environment, taking orders while leading (much like my job) and you had to manage your squad, in battle alongside other squads that made up your platoon, changing levels was about riding in a convoy in an invasion, alot of time in war isnt spent fighting, I found those segments to really add immersion and make me feel like I was in a war. That ontop of the scenery you saw while riding from aircraft, to choppers hitting distance targets, I dunno, to me...it was a great war sim that I cant find a singleplayer competitor too. Im just curious what you civilians didnt like about it. (aside from clunky controls lol)

Author — bates Beckham


Babies play COD, men play Operation Flashpoint

Author — 90AlmostFamous