Zoox's $800M Robo Taxi Could Beat Tesla and Uber

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Zoox's $800M Robo Taxi Could Beat Tesla and Uber 5

Zoox is on the verge of transforming the entire transportation industry by creating self-driving robots that will become the ride-shares of the future.



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Isn’t this the company under investigation for stealing technology from Tesla? The answer is yes.

Author — Atlien4eva3000


Anyone else hoping for the Mythbusters to parachute out of the sky when they mentioned Alameda Naval Air Station?

Author — Josh Olufemii


I am more interested, how did they get 800 million of investment.

Author — Hallaz Ib


Just got bought out by Amazon, this is taking off for real.

Author — Tim Carson


Wow, going the speed limit in the left lane. Who knew ai would be assholes

Author — James Williams


i laughed so hard when they mentioned that they weren't gonna use existing cars but build a new one, and then they show that mars rover LOL.. how does this compare to an autonomous tesla taxi?

Author — izhar


I fail to see how this is any more advanced or significantly different from it's competitors.

Author — Емил Ефендулов


"merging into that traffic would have been difficult even for a human driver" --- Maybe a grandma, but I'm pretty sure I drive faster than that when I merge onto the freeway

Author — T. S. Bates


I wonder how these perform in different weather conditions. Rain, Snow, etc. Most of these tests have been in near perfect weather conditions.

Author — prospect LA


Lol dude had tinder on his phone 4:56 my man

Author — Alan McLeod


Tesla Robotaxis will be here by next year. With the most advanced chip (allegedly) integrated within for making precise decisions on road. With every individual car as a data center, the fleet will grow smarter every day.

Zoox what?

Author — Sayantan Mukherjee


Yeah, best to not think about Tesla. Bloomberg pikers.

Author — Andrew Palfreyman


Ok, it drives by itself, right?
Soooo, if I'm rip roaring drunk and the car is in self-drive....I'm technically NOT driving, hence I'm NOT drunk driving!
Hmm? I'm starting to like self driving cars :)

Author — sarge27271


Looks like Tesla just crashed y'all's party

Author — Mharti McDonhalds


5:04 "We don't know any other company that is driving that multi dimensional degree of difficulty" Umm how about TESLA?

Author — Sam Chen


something tells me that once developed, Amazon's gonna try hard to buy this

Edit: I said Amazon specifically because that's what Bezos has done all these years, he just buys something (store or anything) and then scales it so that it reaches everyone (except the original bookstore, he built that)

Author — Thanda Paani


Have you heard about the Rolling Stone journalist who was investigating the head of the CIA and just happened to accidentally drive his rental Mercedes into a palm tree at over 100mph in suburban LA? Michael Hastings.

Author — Sam D


Laughable how every single up start nitwit believes they are competition to Tesla!!! First try to achieve 1/10th of what Tesla has achieved then we can talk about the future! Clowns.

Author —


"Self-driving car startup Zoox has selected its new CEO following the unexpected firing of co-founder and former CEO Tim Kentley-Klay" lol damn, sucks for him

Author — Jayson Power


I like how it has lights and everything on the front and back so it can just reverse the way it goes and be street ready either way.

Author — Muggles Cake Sniffer