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MegaQuake: The Hour That Shook Japan | Reel Truth History Documentary 5

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami. Experience Japan's earthquake and resulting tsunami through exclusive new footage and first person accounts from Sendai and Tokyo. Understand the mega-physics that rocked the Earth on its axis. Explore this most recent Ring of Fire cataclysm in relation to other recent disasters, as scientists pose the question - is the Pacific Northwest United States next in line?

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Japan is the strongest country. They're always faced with some calamity or another but they get up on their feet and start about their day. Respect to the people of Japan.

Author — Unofficially Tom Hardy


Watching this in 2020 anything is possible this year

Author — Angels Walking


I was in Tokyo when that earthquake hit. I was in Tennozu Island at the time working on the 17th floor of a 22 story building. I got under my desk and my chair rolled towards the door. I decided to get up and follow my chair. I grabbed my emergency bag which was under my desk and exited the building... as I got down to the ground floor a second wave hit and I saw the buildings sway. It was a twin building and they almost touch at the very tops of the twin towers. I found more team mates and walked with them to the emergency site. Hours later we were told it was safe to move. Had left my house keys at my desk on the 17th floor. So I had to climb 17 flights and go back down. Then I had to walk 3 hrs to get home. When I got home I had to climb 7 floors to my apartment. The apartment had everything collapsed on top of each other. I could see the sequence at which they fell. But asides from the first earthquake... we had 6.5 earthquakes for weeks after it. That was the scariest thing... waking up in the middle of night with the entire building moving and my heart racing. It was the scariest thing I have experienced.

Author — Stephen Cotton


This happened in japan
But the Casts were Americans

Author — terorerorero deden


Japanese people are the most hardworking people ever. They went throught so many calamities but always got out stronger

Author — Khady Goudiamy


I remember our Japanese teacher before, when strong earthquake hit the Philippines(Feb 2012). We were in the canteen that time. While all of us is panicking me, my classmates and my teachers. I saw him still eating his lunch like nothing is going on, it seems like he is used to it. Now i know why.

Author — Ly Xoxo


Massive respect to those firemen in Fukushima. Warrior's spirit they have.

Author — Nacho Friend


The Japanese are such a humble and resilient people, this would have brought any other country completely to its knees. Huge respect to the Japanese people and condolences to them. I have been in thousands of quakes, the largest (for me) being a 7.4 .. BUT nothing on this scale. Hopefully I never will. Keep safe Japan.

Author — TJ


*Year 2030*

Documentaries: 2020 the year that the humanity almost got extinct

Author — pareidolia


I think the guy in the video said it best "The scariest part about being in an earthquake is being completely helpless. The Earth has decided it's going to move, you just gotta move with it" Massive respect to Japan. It has always been my favourite Country in the World.

Author — Mitachi Frosty


I remember it well. My classroom floor looked like the ocean. A rolling wave across the floor. I remember old people volunteering to go to help deal with the reactor. When interviewed, they said that they were too old and that the radiation would take twenty years to kill them.

Author — S A


Me : Watching gaming videos and other such videos

Youtube : Nah you wanna watch these earthquake documentaries mate

Author — Vition Devs


Very brave people, to go into a nuclear plant after a explosion

Author — Neil Tappenden


"Collapse of a nation"? No. Life carried on. I was there.

Author — Mel Mo


Very difficult to watch this. Not because of the reality of what happened but the Americanised (over-dramatised) production of the video itself.

Author — Cosi Cave


The Japanese people will remain the bravest people mankind have ever known!! Love to Japan!❤ 🇯🇵❤ May the dead be in paradise!



My mom was like "I thought this was about Japan why is there suddenly america" eye--lmaookridjkciod

Author — adonisgguk


Ah yes lets make a documentary about the Japanese 2011 EQ and Tsunami and then make it all about America. Standard american arrogance and ego.

Author — Joe McGuire


Great documentary, ruined by the amount of ads.

Author — Zephyr


Can i take your attention and point on the guy at 20:16 running away with his TV ???

Author — VenomBronyPL