Dan Crenshaw responds to 'SNL' Pete Davidson's mockery

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Dan Crenshaw responds to 'SNL' Pete Davidson's mockery 3
Dan Crenshaw, the Republican congressional candidate whose eye was destroyed while he served in Afghanistan, responds to "Saturday Night Live" comedian Pete Davidson's jokes at his expense.

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Give me a one eyed Representative before one with two faces. God Bless Texas.

Author — Jason Van Orsdol


I didn't even find it funny. Dan handled it like the Alpha he is

Author — Corgany Lothar


Crenshaw is a hero. He is straight outa Metal Gear Solid.

Author — Neil Zutshi


Crenshaw is an amazing man. Really glad he's representing the Republican party!

Author — Felipe Aragona Schmid


AGAIN CNN's host distorted the real topic of the interview and tries to steer it against Pr. Trump polemics. CNN is just a conspiracy channel. Not an independent Media

Author — Michel Appolo


Fake news kept trying and trying to get him to bash President Trump; so tacky; so like CNN

Author — RealEstateInsider247


This reporter still trying to bring up the president when it is based on something completely different. Keep to the real story this is why I don’t watch CNN. #FakeNews

Author — Teen Aesthetics


Crenshaw is the embodiment of a good person and a good leader and American. Crenshaw 2024

Author — Joseph Leonard2004


wow she's horrible, the military are full of big boys and big girls they don't need mommy telling them they are doing a good job.

Author — Bobby Kevil


Crenshaw for President 2024 with Vice President Ben Shapiro

Author — Angel cook


Dan Crenshaw is crazy impressive in too many respects to mention.

Author — severian monk


An ex Navy Seal just put the entire CNN company, in their place!! Sit down CNN. Go find yourselves some better stories

Author — Jason S


She tried so hard to make him bash anything trump but Crenshaw is a badass. Semper fi my seal brother.

Author — bstortz


He responded very well to the questions

Author — KrollSodero Productions


This Crenshaw guy has his head screwed on. His replies are measured. Handsome too!

Author — auroraborememalice


CNN 's ratings are at a all time low because more people are seeing the truth about fake news!

Author — Southern Man


I'm imagining a world where president Crenshaw has to single handedly take down terrorists that have infiltrated the White House


Author — Walrus Guy


I have much respect for you Crenshaw.   Thank you for your service.   That is all.

Author — Jesse Bartlett


A one-eyed straight up man is far better than someone like crooked Hilary any day.

Author — Nplayer128


Crikey, I wish I had this guy's composure - legend!

Author — livid snicket