Reema Show, August 21, 2011 SAMAA TV 3/3

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Reema Show, August 21, 2011 SAMAA TV 3/3 4.5

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U know i really feel for him. Eevryone tries to ask him the same question in a different way. He isnt trying to trash his wife and all. Just stop. Give it a rest. The entire world knows his wife was having an affair with the current PM of that time Sharif and she left him for a high up. No one likes to hear all that. He is in public eye and has to answer. Why try to embarass him ? He has said that many many times that he really regrets not listening to his parents. It was public humiliation. Every one knows and ppl took shots at him. Drop it.

Author — carfanatic 666


loving personality. met him in person and it was great moment in my life.

Author — Zahid Mehboob


Tusi Punjabi boleya kro naeem sahib, bahut changa lagda

Author — Stuti aggarwal


Very funny !! H had a moustache n skinny face expression!! I like intelligent people who also have a good sense of humour n u r one one them !!!

Author — Kanzah Sheikh


Dashing n beautiful personality, Bukhari sahab..

Author — Yasir Jaan


U are wonderful Naeem Bukhari - & rare.
All yr conversations are gold - so very very nice 👍

Author — 151centrum


hahahahahahahahaha very nice impressive

Author — S Shah


naheem bukhri bhot achy insan aur true lawer

Author — Zara Mana


نعیم بخاری صاحب سے پوچھیں کہ وہ رانا ثناءاللہ کا مقدمہ کتنے میں لڑیں گے اور اور نوازشریف اور زرداری کو حج کا ویزا دلا سکتے ہیں؟

Author — Syed Jafri


Very interesting, Bukharai shaib. You are very cheerful person indeed

Author — Bashir Butt


Kamal ka admi ha.very good personality.

Author — farzana ali farzana ali