Jake Mitchell proof he cheated on saffron 😡😡😡😡

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Pore saffron barker 😪😪

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such a shame they were a great couple so sad to hear just admit it Jake

Author — Ella Atkins


everyone does something that they are ashamed of JUST MOVE ON ♡♡♡

Author — Etholle 16


I find it funny that when saffron and jake where tougher saffron was really close to Joe and Elliot at the time and jake didnt even know

Author — Donna Hodges


i love jake and saffron but on the first pic saffron and so does cludia but remember hey both have blond hair so it could of been sarron

Author — kamvlogs


They have broke up so dont worry about these videos stop waiting your time⌚️⌚️ I started to cry

Author — Katie Wilson


OMG this was so long ago get over it its none of our bissness so stop

Author — Imogen


Need help me know love you best friend ever love you best Matthew oK COOL I'LL SEE YOU

Author — Linda Bayer


Saffron was tweeting another boy tho and it wasn’t jakes fault he was maybe going though a hard time so don’t hate on jake and support saffron, support both of them it’s only they to that know what really happened and no one else so just stop hating on jake support both of them

Author — krc xox


o don't believe he was cheating he was laying in his bed un less u could see different couloure dhair a reflection or the girls face theres no valid evidence

Author — Professional Rambler


Why you put so much hate on jake he's a kind lad

Author — Just charlotte X


Jake you’re the best my sister watches you

Author — Mr emoji


yeah poor saffron barker.. :(( poor her spreading rumors bout jake thats not real

Author — MDN Entertainment