41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO)

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41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO) 5

When Shin Song Hyuk was three years old, an American couple in Detroit adopted him and moved him from South Korea to the United States. His new family changed his name to Adam, but did not fill out the basic forms that guarantee citizenship for international adoptees. This meant Adam was an undocumented immigrant.

Nobody knows exactly how many international adoptees grow up undocumented due to negligence or clerical error, but given the difficulties of adopted life, many of them end up in trouble with the law, which, in turn, opens them up for deportation to homelands they do not remember and cultures which are completely foreign to them.

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This man has been rejected his entire life. Shame on humanity.

Author — LOS ANGELES - 144 mm


America loves to show off their "kindness" Until it becomes Boring...

Author — jim mathew


This breaks my heart. He’s American. Bring him back.

Author — Johnny Karate


I kept hearing the song “This is America, ” throughout this entire video.

Author — freemayo


They just seperated an innocent man from his baby daughter, loving wife and his entire life over a technical error. That's hardcore US

Author — Paparoni


So just because someone did not fill some form 40 years ago, this guy gets deported and his kids end up with a virtual Please help me understand how that makes sense..

Author — Jennifer Ngure


I’m ashamed of the United States of America. 😒

Author — valerie r


How can you hold a child accountable for their actions. He didn’t ask to come over here.

Author — E Madrid


The governor of Oregon should have pardon this guy.

Author — Nagel


We need to get this guy home to USA .
This is not justice.



Dear Americans, he's one of your own. Pls do something.

Author — Ryanashley1 Loong


This story is horrifying in so many ways. Common sense and decency have left this nation.

Author — Andrew Brent


OMG! Arrested for taking his own Bible!!

Author — Ramona Ray


6 years later, they didn’t want him anymore.

Then why the f... you adopted in the beginning?
Shame on them!!!

Author — Timur Joro


First destroy life during adolescent and then again when adult.. God bless America

Author — Mayank Gandhi


Those dudes in the barber shop were a holes, they didn't give him the time of day.

Author — Danny Padilla


Damn. Its not even his fault that the papers didn't get filled out....

Author — Andrea Chung


This is the type of broken systems Americans like to praise and gloat about. And they wonder Y the rest of the world mocks them 😒

Author — Commander Red


This is one of the saddest, most f*cked up stories I have ever seen/heard. My heart is shattering for this guy. We should support this guy.

Author — Esther Song


We need to fix this "America"....Now.

Author — Kilroy88