41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO)

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41-year-old Adoptee Deported After 37 Years in the U.S. (HBO) 4.5
When Shin Song Hyuk was three years old, an American couple in Detroit adopted him and moved him from South Korea to the United States. His new family changed his name to Adam, but did not fill out the basic forms that guarantee citizenship for international adoptees. This meant Adam was an undocumented immigrant.

Nobody knows exactly how many international adoptees grow up undocumented due to negligence or clerical error, but given the difficulties of adopted life, many of them end up in trouble with the law, which, in turn, opens them up for deportation to homelands they do not remember and cultures which are completely foreign to them.

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Deporting illegal immigrants: I get it, but deporting people who grew up in the country, raised by the people, adapted to the local culture, has no cultural ties to their home country... No way, this is basically killing that person.

Author — 香口膠


6 years later, they didn’t want him anymore.

Then why the f... you adopted in the beginning?
Shame on them!!!

Author — Timur Joro


So he got in trouble because he broke back into his own house to take his own stuff?!?!?! This made him a felon?

Author — RedLight GreenArrow


That barber gave zero fux. I can't stand people like that.

Author — Manuel Alcatraz


There are deadbeat couples who foster bunches of kids as a source of income and they need to be investigated.

Author — sphincter


This man has been rejected his entire life. Shame on humanity.

Author — LOS ANGELES - 144 mm


Wow! I knew US government and officials don’t have any brains but this is beyond brainless. this is pure shitheadness! wow

Author — murgul morgul


Seriously?! Give this guy a break. Americans did him dirty

Author — Char T


Can we please get an update on this man’s story? 🙏🏾

Author — Ka Ge


People who adopted him they should be punished not this poor guy. How is he doing now

Author — farrukh shahzad


Deporting this man, makes no sense, it serves no purpose to him, his kids, wife and ultimately to Korea, he's a foreigner in his own country. He was adopted by a US family and then dropped like a new born poppy to the shelter, that's not right, on top of that he was abused, what kinda country is this that deports someone for missing a government form and having gone through so much. Give the guy a break!

Author — Robert M


The governor of Oregon should have pardon this guy.

Author — Nagel


This really hurts my heart to see. He didn't deserve any of the treatment he got from the negative adoption experiences to the deportation.

Author — twaila walker


OMG! Arrested for taking his own Bible!!

Author — Ramona Ray


He doesn’t even speak Korean. Pure wickedness!

Author — E Menz


"6 years later, the parents decided they didn't want him anymore"

They should be imprisoned. treated worse than a dog

Author — YoshiPeach Mario


This story is horrifying in so many ways. Common sense and decency have left this nation.

Author — Andrew Brent


Please create a donation page for him and let's help him to start a business.

Author — C717 Godisgr3at


Wtf. This is insane. And wrong on so many levels.

Author — Linda N


This might be one of saddest story I ever heard in real life :(. Is there anything the public can do for Adam?

Author — Jane Ma