I am Overseer ~ Fear Equation #1

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Welcome back to Fear Equation.

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This game seems awesome : o it sounds like there could be a lot of story to it, i'm excited to see more of it!

Author — Lala VioletStar


Good game. But you'll die in moments. The creators of the game basically have a history with story based games reformatted to something like this. They just tell you how to play it and figure it all out by yourself. So good luck with that. And the nightmares.

Prisoners are your biggest concern but if you see the shadow of a circus fear it.
*I remember eating with the family. I can hear cheering and clapping. (Something) of the freaks... She's talking about a farm, horrible things... A fortune teller. There frightened of it.* This is dream 5

This game has a lot to hide. Factions names bonus and mindset are randomize still unsure if they can split further down the game. But at the very least there are A LOT of fears and if you check barricades or nets or whatever they all have a flavor text for the material built for that defense. (And you can have to my knowledge 150 survivors maximum.)

Author — Guildar Daze