KORG Pa4X OS v.2 - New Sounds, Drum Kits, Styles, Features!

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

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I agree with many others - tremendous update; in some ways, it's almost like they released a Pa5X. The new sounds and styles are great; the user experience is improved; and even my imported MIDI styles sound better.

Author — Optimizer 64


All done. Congratulations KORG! Thank you for the amazing operating system update.

Author — Andronescu Daniel


Korg has done a great job I must say. The Update is the most forward creative update for any Korg I have used over the years. I started with Korg Pa50 and never went back. Thank You Korg

Author — VP Music


Finally!!! Some modern stuff!!! Thanks KORG!!! 👍 👍 👍

Author — Veljko Marinkovic


I love the design of Korg keyboards! Especially the Korg pa3x, in my opinion it has a better design than the current pa4x! I'd suggest Korg keep their following products at a similar appearance to the pa3x...

Author — -


I agree with Mr. Daniel...and amazing update. Look truly EASIER to use. I do wish I could find some really good in depth tutorials for this beast. I'm one that WAITING when the Pa3X seemed to be nearing an update to get this. And when I decided on it, it was flying off the shelves so fast, I had to wait until NOW. Glad I did, as I was able to move to a place more conducive for a studio. And like the pedal board. So...ordering today. Thanks for making such an "complete" instrument for composers and songwriters like me. Can't wait to get my choral arrangements in the vocoder.

Author — greenearthtraveler


Yay!! Congrats Korg - you've done it again - THANKS!!!!

Author — groki30


Need more videos like this.. with this same machine

Author — John Wilfred


Izmislili ste rupu na saksiju, ali samo jednu za sada.... za 10, 15 god. ce valjda biti jos one 3 rupe i onda moze da se polije klavijatura i to je vas uspeh...bravo svaka cast!!!

Author — Ivan Stepanovic


Well done. Really like it. I am going to buy this machine soon.
BTW what is Pa4x Style ID number have you use in this promo?

Author — Физика от Фантома


Great way to eventually break your display... Its a cool feature but u know Its not the strongest when Its lifted all up.

Author — shailinjanki


so what happens when your tired of the built in sounds? is there a way to store new instruments?

Author — Triple.B T.V.


I am a great fan of Korg, burps the one question that's bugging a me off is " Is it not a professional way to record Korg keyboard patches into the DAW with the master reverb MFX On" ? Or is it recommended to turn it off ? Please guys let me know your advice ? BTW I found Korg's MFX Reverb adds Shine to its patches/instruments. Very curious to know if that creates any problems while mixing. Thanks in advance

Author — Bobby Samuel Arey


Any one who has a tutorial video that shows how to download and install this program? I can't unzip it :(

Author — T Maidin


I've been using Tyros for 10 years. I'm drooling now. Yamaha had better come up with something revolutionary in the next few months or it's time for my exit.

Author — Chony Milecki


Someone know how to instal bonusware on pa4x

Author — M. Stêve TROUBAT


Funktioniert es auch mit Pa4x oriental ?

Author — Emran Kryeziu Channel


How is the best one?
korg pa900 - Korg pa4x....?

Author — J-Bor 73