The Nenana Ice Classic in Alaska

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Spring is finally here in the interior of Alaska ,And time to play the Nenana ice Classic and guess when the river will break up and start to flow again.

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I remember this as being a big thing when we lived in Alaska!😁💖

Author — Cynthia Swearingen


First are you shoveling snow? Beyond the surgery, that's what the grandkids are for!! That's what my mom used to say. "Why buy a snow thrower when I have you three to do it?"

Happy birthday and plenty more to follow!

I almost forgot the deadline so I'll be heading to the post tomorrow to send in a couple guesses. I'll be taking down the prize pool this year for sure!

Author — Infected_Chris


Good luck with "Nenana ice Classic"
You must have a very nice Easter.

Author — Geir Mathello de Lange


Well after watching that opening, I am ready for spring to spring!

Author — Alaska Pirates


Good video. Continue on your road on getting that Silver Play Button

Author — TJREESE Joyner


When your done shoveling you can come over to my house I’m only about a mile away just other side of university 👍🏻lol. Hard park sucks & so does the supposed storm this weekend ugh I want to go Prospecting

Author — Nine Finger Mining


You ready for this snow storm this weekend ?

Author — jon b