Party at Bam Margera's House | SKATE TALES Ep 1

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Party at Bam Margera's House | SKATE TALES Ep 1 5

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Welcome indeed to Skate Tales, Madars Apse’s new series journeying through skateboarding’s wilder shores. Madars Apse begins his trip by traveling to Pennsylvania to meet up with the iconic Bam Margera and check out his skate barn and a brand new ramp. Bam invited Madars and the ripping Loy brothers, Ethan and David, to check out some of his old stomping grounds, like Philadelphia’s iconic Love Park. That was followed by a trip to his brand-new indoor park during an open-house skate party with some of the Westchester locals.

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That dude who lived under the bridge for a year just to skate every day, what an absolute legend, probably more fulfilled than 95% of other people in the world and he has nothing besides the shirt on his back

Author — SunnyV2


For an entire generation who grew up idolizing Bam and the crew. This video hit me right in the feels.

Author — Marcello Duarte


Dude how many miles are on that purple Lamborghini I can't believe he still has it



4:08 nothing makes me happier than to see that phil is still around beeing phil. Best dad ever.

Author — Harvey Sengers


Bam should be on JRE. He has stories for days

Author — D B


Only real fans will remember "The Mustard Man"

Author — Justin Natasmai


I dont skate, but I was right in the area several times recently making totally unrelated videos. I wonder if I had gone to the gate and went in if I could have made a video haha. That would have been so cool! 🛹

Author — BaltimoreAndOhioRR


Bam constantly harassed PHIL about his weight and appearance and now he has morphed into Phil....



Really happy to see bam in a better place and cut the alcohol, let’s all be nicer to bam his best friend died and for him drinking helped. Not saying it was a good thing to do but he’s human. I’m glad bam is doing good and skating again, fuck yeah! One of my biggest inspirations as a young boy



Jackass 4 has been confirmed and Bam is looking a lot better, good sign

Author — Tyrel


This host dude talks just like my 5 year old nephew

Author — Chaz Barclay


Bam had roasted about phill’s weight and now on Bam just morphed into Phill. Phill’s spitting image lmao

Author — Julia Martins


early 2000s were crazy cant believe how time fly's

Author — Denesh Bm


"Hes a rockstar.. sports cars, the enotourage, rehab" lmaoo

Author — ShxwnOfTheDead


10 years later, Bam looks 25 years older, and Phil looks 5 years older. Unexpected.

Author — doctoroctos


Bam seems like a really cool guy. Opening up his house like that. I don’t think I could do something like that. Best wishes man.

Author — Tim Cann


Bam looks like he’s doing so much better, makes me happy grew up on all of his content

Author — Jack Ward


I’m glad Phil is okay too. But I feel stupid that this honestly makes me miss the early 00s.

Author — Anton Girdeux


Big love for Bam. He’s got a heart of gold, anyone can see that.

Author — Eric Ayers


Its so funny. During the Jackass days I saw no relation between Bam and his dad. I was sure Ape had stepped out on him. Then he got fat and he was a carbon copy of his dad. lol

Author — Russell ward