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Ottawa, Canada’s Capital - International Version | Ottawa Tourism 5

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I love my soon to be my new hometown Ottawa Ontario

Author — Ashleigh Garrison


Bella mi Ottawa, vivi 10 años allí y tengo bellos recuerdos 🇨🇦👍🏻🙏🏻😇😘 Dios bendiga Canada

Author — Claudia Arguello


I enjoyed visiting Ottawa very much. Hoping To go back next year for a white Christmas.  From Australia

Author — Margaret Godkin


ottawa one of my time i will travel isha allh

Author — mohamed barre


Wow! Such a beautiful Video. Ottawa has been so close to my heart for more than two decades.

Author — Kiran Keshub


Love this city! I had a great time putting together a video for Canada's 150th

Author — Christopher Austin


Brilliant video!!
Congrats. Keep up the good work.

Author — Carlos Donayre


I'm going to live in Ottawa, now I'm so exciting

Author — TRẦN BẢO


I am Indian But I also Love Canada
Love Canada from India😘😘

Author — Guru Paul


Ive always wanted to visit Ottawa. Looks like wonderful place.

Author — Todd Stewart


wow!!! If I get my PhD applications accepted, this is where I wanna go!!!! <3

Author — Kris Gerard Alvarez


Ottawa has wonderful history and incredible architecture! There’s nothing to be ashamed about our beautiful capital city. People make the most stupid jokes about Canada and its capital city only because they’re just plain ignorant.

Author — Smallstudio Design


My dream in Canada Ottawa living it's beautiful place

Author — pb 02 Asr


¡Dios mío esta ciudad parece sacada de un cuentos de hadas! ¡que Dios bendiga a Ottawa!

Author — edy quevedo


Muy bello e interesante, mucho por conocer ... algún día espero conocer esa ciudad de Canadá y donde se encuentran las Niagara falls .

Author — ma va


It's amazing and it's make me get into canada as possible as early

Author — Sree abhi


what's the name of the background music? anyone knows?

Author — Todd Liu


I got an invitation for a job interview in Ottawa.

Author — sheltv100


Good video about where I live, too bad that there is a thumping sound in my speakers throughout the video. Must be a recording error.

Author — Nic Maennling