AD 'Thug' Feat. YG (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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2 of Compton's finest, AD and YG, link up on the music video to AD's single "THUG."

Directed by Born Original Productions. Produced by Sorry JayNari of the League of Starz.

@iitsAD @YG @sorryJayNari @iamBornOriginal

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AD yells louder than my coach and my mom.

Author — Template Creator


Is it just me or is YG fresh as fuck with that bulletproof vest🤔

Author — That Ugly Civic


I think it's safe to say 2pac would proudly volunteer on this song

Author — Erik Zuniga


I knew I remembered AD from somewhere, been watching him work alongside No Jumper lately and recalled this song

Author — Aaron Bains


Producer: "How many Gangsters you want in your video?"
YG: "Yes."

Author — Vince Bremen


Yo I’ve been listening to this song for years, just wanted to reminisce and watch the video again and my god I didn’t realize this was AD from no jumper 😂😂 bro can rap

Author — Colin Hames


Imagine if nip would’ve been on this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Adam González


Let's see how many people in June 2021 vibing to this tune .
Hope everyone having a great day ❤️

Author — Just subscribe please


blood & crips tied rags in the 90's- everybody acts like they don't know.

Author — RogueCode


Can you imagine Eminem and AD on the same track? They’d break the sound barrier

Author — Philip Pate


crazy i ain’t know AD had a song that had 22M i only know bro from no jumper but dats lit🔥🔥

Author — Bandman Tre


Love too see BLOODS and crips on the west coast can still get bread together while these lame azz crips on the the east coast still want too beef I need too move too the west str8 up yo YG hmu homie

Author — James Jones


It’s feels good to see BLOODS and CRIPS making musicvids together ...

Don’t get it twisted tho,
Shit still goes down between em,

Author — Wiz True kine


Never realized I was fucking with AD before I ever new what bro looked like lol

Author — Gaston Glock


This gwts me hyped n glad to see my hometown reppin

Author — Edward PERRY Jr


Damn Cripz and Blodz coming together.i guess music does bring us together

Author — Miguel Roman


2pac now listens to heaven and is happy with someone who is doing a good RAP rest in peace PAC

Author — Palnik Palnikk


This song makes me want to get deployed over seas every time LMAO

Author — MackZaddy Dre


Since bad and boujee got a shot, this should be the song of the year, of the country.

Author — soul evans


If anyone has a dope playlist with songs like this LMK I'll download it, from your playlist on youtube

Author — Violent Gamer