Moto Z4 Review: Is This The Moto Z '4' U?

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Moto Z4 Review: Is This The Moto Z '4' U? 5

Is anyone excited for the latest modular phone from Motorola? I still think the concept is an intriguing one … and the addition of a 5G Moto Mod to the mix certainly spices things up. But to me, it still doesn’t make much sense to buy the Moto Z4 unless you’re already sold on the modular lifestyle … or you’re on Verizon Wireless. Join me for the Moto Z4 Review!



MrMobile's Moto Z4 Review was produced following ten days with a Moto Z4 review device provided by Motorola. Preproduction device running pre-release software.


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People who haven't experienced the fun of moto mods can't really understand the convenience and beauty of the Mods because there's no dangling wires .... I have watched the whole season of game of thrones on my ceiling with my Moto projector mod and it was damn fun now tell me what other phone in the industry can do that!!!!.... I take my mod on the camping trip my tent becomes the screen and it's so much fun to watch a movie in the darkness off the forest

Author — Viral Patel


Mr. Mobile says "under 500 bucks"


Author — noobmaster69


You can not possibly be upset with Motorola for "looking the same" when apple literally hasn't changed since iOS7 ... literally

Author — Christian Shedwin


As an former owner of the original Moto Z Play, the battery life alone made that phone worth the coins for me. And that was before buying the Turbo Power power pack. I easily got through 3.5 days with it.

A phone can have all of the RAM, cameras, Snapdragon 9 Billion series processors that it can, but if it can’t make it through a day of use, what’s the point?

Author — IsiahHD


I feel like the Motorola brand will never quite like it was when the Moto x was around. Good times

Author — Jonathan Diagonale


Really appreciate your honesty. Keep up the good work. ❤️

Author — Arfad syed


From a Moto Z2 Play owner: what makes it unique and worthwhile is the mods (can you find another portable projector, boombox, extended battery, Polaroid, etc. in another smartphone?). Plus, it's practically stock Android with just a few tricks that make it really useful (yep, those old gestures that anyone can remember)

Author — Francesco Varrato


Looks like Motorola went with "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" strategy this time.. 😄

Author — TheGreekGeeks


Nice of you to cover the phone mods, it feels like they have been buried in the sands of time.
But they hold a lot of potential just as you say, i'm hoping to see some upgrades to that in the future.

Author — K. J.


Motorola giving users a stock experience, a headphone jack, and a microSD card slot makes this a good device for me. As well as Motorola being super good about open-sourcing their kernel, making custom ROM development easier. This is a perfect future LineageOS device.

Author — Vignesh Balasubramaniam


I loved the original Moto X. Probably my favourite phone so far from any manufacturer. The only downside was the camera.

Author — BDM4972


SD 675? You gotta be kiddin me Motorola?
Wheres the power from SD 855?

Author — Jesús Irving Vaquera Aguirre


Moto display best always on screen why change something when is not broken? Ik you are moto fan like me but moto furthers are great why hate on them

Author — steel fox 886


Can't imagine how happy I was when I saw a notification from Mr Mobile. Being a fan of yours is becoming something close to a lifestyle.

Author — Kelvin Otieno


I would buy this but redmi k20 Pro exists....

Author — 64 bit


The original Moto Z Play made me a hardcore fanboy. I can't imagine living without the moto actions and that sweet battery life

Author — minjod


I've had the motorola phones for years (currently have the z2 play) and I love them just for the fact that they're good phones and they don't cost a grand. I have some mods, but I honestly barely use them.

Author — Mary Millette


I have a few moto mods already being that I'm on a Moto Z2, so I really like the idea of not having them be rendered useless but also having a better screen design.

Author — EpicLakitu


Music reminds me of Motorola Z2 play video and earlier videos of your channel. Obviously been watching you since pocketnow days. Your voice is magical. Love ya!

Author — Some Random Stuff


I just got my Moto Z4 and I think it's the best of them all. Granted, I've always been a Motorola fan, so I had some mods and I've used the previous iterations of the Z phone, but I still think this is a great phone. The screen is amazing! I'm not as thrilled about the SD 675 and 4gb of RAM, but everything else is great!

Author — Matthew Swanson