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Best of 2019: Top 100 Videos of the Year | This Is Happening 4.5

What a year it's been - let's look back with the best 100 videos of 2019!

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Did you hear that little kid at the end say "give me some more"? lmfao

Author — fah Q


Omg little brother helping his little sister is so heartwarming

Author — godric Elkhazali


“Yep... that’s ma bigges’ catfish” “well be eatin tonight...

NoT a CaTfIsH!!!”

Author — L M D T B


The kid in the last one is gonna be the most popular kid at his school

Author — Blazen 21


The penguins must be like ‘’Dude how did you get out? Show us your route so we can get outta here’’

Author — Mythical Umut


Plot twist: turtle was actually a tortoise

Author — blake low


You guys at jukin media are gonna burn!

Author — Dino J


22:06 LMAO kid caught his parents making more babies haaaahahahahahah

Author — sam schoby


what the hell was that "funny" guy on the beach supposed to be doing

Author — Jarrett Delbrugge


3:09 I was like "Damn, how short is your dad" then I realized it's was just a costume 😂😂😂

Author — Kakashi Hatake


I'd like to take the time out to appreciate the epic footage of the "Wheelchair Crowd Surfer!" 🤘 The kid was having the time of his life and the crowd made damn sure he got to experience how insanely cool it is to be on top of the world at a festival. Mad props to the crowd for safely looking after this guy!

Author — Tiffany Ramos


This is jukin media right? Those guys are a bunch of crooks

Author — Caucasian Jason


“Shed blown away”

Mother nature has gone to far

And then at 9:32 i was like:

*That must’ve hurt*

Author — yoyo mfa


7:45 a raccoon has fallen into the river in lego city.

Author — Ediz Yen


Casually grabs cup off the table while everyone runs away when window breaks

Author — Crazy Kid’s gaming


12:53 me and the boys on Fortnite squads

Where we dropping

Author — TSM_Nuggz


That last clip is gonna be played back to the boy on his first date...

Author — Rick Bailey


I looked up Jukin media, this channel came up along with the jukin media one so if you have anything to do with them. Go commit despawn

Author — Boosted Doge


0:26 "we'll be eating good tonight" - well yes, but no.

Author — Mr EthanD123


When my classmates see my pack of gum


Author — Swift