Pros and Cons of the COMPUTER-Based IELTS test + DEMO

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00:00 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the computer-based test
00:39 General advantages of the computer-delivered IELTS
02:08 IELTS Listening: overview of the platform
06:25 IELTS Reading: tips on how to work with the platform
08:56 IELTS Writing: important aspects to consider, platform tricks for this section
11:23 IELTS Speaking: traditional face-to-face interview with an examiner
11:45 Useful links in the description

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Coincidentally, this video was released on the same day I took my computer-based exam. I find it much more comfortable taking the computer-based exam; I couldn’t find any disadvantages in the format. The major advantage for me had to be the copy and paste function which allows you to move paragraphs in Writing accordingly, whereas in the paper-based exam, you can’t do that since it requires erasing your entire essay

Author — Froopy Zombie


Not sure whether it’s changed since you’ve done your IELTS. I did mine on the 24th of this month, and if you hover over the timer it shows how many seconds you have left.

Author — Steven


Thank you so much Asiya! I have a question, what about Ctrl-Z? Does it work in IELTS Writing? (It is already great that Ctrl-x and Ctrl-V work).

Author — Gabriela Fanelli


Thank you sooo much Asiya. You're amazing and the way you make simple lectures for others are very helpful. I watched few videos of yours and pleased to tell you that I've passed my test. Stay blessed

Author — Batool Fatima


Thank you Asia for this effort 😭❤️❤️❤️

Author — Maha


You are a very special teacher, your future carrier will prove my view.
thank you for all your shows and help .

Author — Derbouz Mimo


I love how you get straight to the point

Author — EG


Thank you so much Asiya! Can I know if Ctrl+Z (for undo) and Ctrl+Y (for redo) can be used in Computer Based IELTS writing? What can be done if you accidentally delete the whole paragraph you've written?

Author — Dinindu Seneviratne


Thank you so much for this tutorial! It’s been quite helpful 🥰

Author — Martín Navarro


All in all, the tutorial was pretty handy. Thanks a lot!

Author — Sober Pink


Used your videos to prepare for my IELTS test on january, just a day before writing and got band 7(overall).
Spent less than 24 hours to prepare

Author — Obakeng Mokgethi


I am gotta do the computer based exam, firstly because my hand writing is a mess 😁 thank you for posting this.

Author — Jared D


Thank you so much for your striking efforts🤲

Author — Aso ALi


Thank you so much for easing my worries Asiya. My speaking test will be live video call as a result of covid-19. I have never had a video call conference before so this is another stress for me. 3 days left for my exam, wish me luck please, i couldn't study much with my 3 years old little monster :)

Author — Shusui


Hi Asiya. Thanks for this. One question though- Do we get any notepad in the computer based IELTS, especially during Listening section, so we can note down our answers as we listen to the clip and then mark those on the screen?

Author — Vipul Singhal


Thanks a lot. I really loved your channel and have even mentioned it in my LinkedIn post in which I've written about my results and shared my experience about preparing for IELTS. Without any coaching and in just one month, I managed to score an overall band score of 8.0 with L-9.0, R-8.5, W-7.0, S-7.0. This could not have been possible without the help of your channel and a few more.

Author — Shubhangi Agrawal


Thanks for the great video. I have not taken computer-delivered test, so I cannot comment about real test. However, I noticed that on the test samples you are able to see the seconds by hovering your mouse pointer on the clock.

Author — mehrzad hosseini


Thank you for the video 😍 Is it possible to do IELTS online at home? I’ve heard about IELTS indicator test, I don’t know if it’s similarly valid for applying to universities 🤔

Author — introlet


You are simply amazing. Every single video of yours I watched makes the exam easier.

Author — ezeike chioma


Well, I have the ielts exams tomorrow, just wanted to say thanks for all of the helpful videos.

Author — The Web King