Ashley reads her own bad fanfiction to her mum: Chapter 1

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Ashley reads a terrible "erotic" fanfiction she wrote, in her teens to Janey during a 12-hour live stream. Here is Chapter 1 of Hippogriff Fever.

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This was hilarious, and really lovely to see the two of you having such a nice time together, can't wait for the rest X}

Author — Shenare


Thank you so much for uploading this Ashley. It is going straight into my playlist of all your story telling marvels <3

Author — Matthew Trujillo


This is giving me inspiration to read fanfiction to peers on a voice chat.

Author — PinkCircleO8

Author's no hem-hem "My Immortal" but it's still lovely - and I don't even like this Lord of the Potters or harry Wars or whatever it's called. Big Ups to you for sharing this and for raising the money 'n all that.

Author — Dino Goldie


This is classic literature compared to My Immortal though

Author — ProteanPlays