A Couple Got A McDonald’s Drive-Thru, But Inside The Bag They Found More Than They Bargained For

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

When Greg and Stacye Terry hit their local McDonald’s drive-thru, they were no doubt looking forward to a tasty breakfast. However, as they peeled open their bag, they realized their server had handed over something much more valuable than food.

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I've been in fast food before. This has happened to pretty much every manager of any fast food place.
And it IS the managers responsibility, nobody elses. Nobody is supposed to touch that money except the manager. What happens to the money is ALL the managers blame.

Author — Mewregaurd Hissyfit


Yes the owner should have done something nice in return!! That doesn’t say awhole lot about that owner or McDonald’s!

Author — Kelly Clayborn


The owner should of have them free food for a year. At least!!!

Author — Seandra Carlisle


A company that big... truthfully I am not sure what I would have done. Pocket change to them! Though I am sure they would have figured it out once all orders were off by one being the money bag the reason.

Author — Kristi Phillips


Thank Godfather to the honest people God bless them!!!

Author — Aurora Ellis


Not very honest people in the world today! Especially, now! That was wonderful what they done. Still don't understand why that person was able to keep their job? Would she/he been fired if the money was not returned? Silly for them to put the money 💰 in a hamburger 🍔 box! Did they not have a money bag? How can one be so careless of handling money 💰 like that. What kind of reward did the couple receive, that was not mention? I would of at least gave the honest people 2 free meals, each month for a lifetime! Especially how much food is wasted after the end of the shift everyday in these fast food restaurants. I have a friend that use to work at a chicken restaurant, at the end of the day, instead of letting the employees take it home, it went in the garbage. If they ate there, they only got 10% off! So many people are giving up their medications copayment just to put food on their table. Unbelievable.

Author — Patricia Hall


The same thing happened to me but when I returned it arbys accused me of stealing it

Author — C O


You said the restaurant employee caught up with them so I guess I damn sure gave the money back it's not like they brought it in on their own.

Author — Dale Dewitt


The company would have caught up with them eventually, with the number of cameras that are on you these days. Although this said it was 2013.

Author — Gerri H


They do this because a police or an undercover usually comes through the drive through to pick it up...hhahhahahahaahhaahaah what did they get a DAM EGG MCMUFFIN

Author — DANK SON


Seriously..McDonald's should have at least give them free breakfast for 6 months considering that they were all sweating their butts of about that much missing money..I don't think I would have given that money back..money what money?! I didn't see any money..did you see any money!?? Hahaha 😂

Author — Delma Sandoval