Coronavirus curve: US cases on track to overtake Italy

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Coronavirus curve: US cases on track to overtake Italy 4

CNN's Hala Gorani speaks with John Burn-Murdoch, a data journalist at The Financial Times, about the sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the US. "If we look at the number of cases, the US is still the most alarming situation," says Burn-Murdoch.

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I can't express enough my sadness of what is happening to Italy. I really cried deeply because of this. I am not Italian nor Christian but I am a human. I am very sad. Italy is really dying day after day. The only hope they have left (based on my beliefs) is prayers. Only GOD can fix this.

Author — سوسو الجميلة


What?! The virus hasn't miraculously disappeared from America yet?
Well I have never...

Author — OhNoNotFrank


Far too many selfish people who dont seem to care much about social distancing.. I really hope this changes

Author — The Nerdy Walker


We'll win! #1 place on planet earth for Covid 19. I knew we could do it.

Author — mistery-ed


Lockdown Lockdown Lockdown only Lockdown Nothing else... if u want to save blessing from india

Author — B K


to flaten the curve. we need two important thigs: intensive tests + total lockdown

Author — Rachid Rachido


Miracle Medicine Against Covid-19: Stay Home

Author — Film O Honar


Seems like a great idea to pack everyone into churches in a week...

Author — Joe Dirt


Why wouldn’t it take over Italy and Spain? Most of the US still doesn’t take it seriously and has 5.5 times the population.

Author — Michael Ehlert


US government screwed this up so badly. They lied, cheated, told people not to worry when they should have taken strict measures in the early stage of the outbreak. Now is too late.

Author — Benson Yee


Cant use China as a model. They locked everything down. Houston is just as damn busy on lockdown because everyone downtown is "essential", we'll be doing this climb for months...

Author — Chef Tyler


We could have followed the path of South Korea but unfortunately, we're following Italy.

Author — tiger & lion


Lockdown American. To stop the spread stay in home. We have the internet and phone use it.

Author — turtleark


In India our govt implemented 21 day long lockdown in the whole country. This is day 2.

Author — Koushik Pathak


It just did overtake Italy and it'll overtake China by tonight

Edit: passed Chinese total cases 20 minutes after writing this comment

Author — Derek Edmunds


Ok, if you see the news presenter doing their work from home, time to everybody to stay HOME!

Author — M Giovanni


OMG my heart hurts for everyone in the world!😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏

Author — GODknows


After seeing the spring break parties I was kind of waiting for this to happen.

Author — Susan Appleby


Planes still flying every day this will never be contained.

Author — Al Williams


Think Trump will be going to church Easter Sunday? Something tells me "No"

Author — bobmatzke