Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 2

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Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 2 4.5

As teens looking to make some money, Courtney Wild, Jena-Lisa Jones and Michelle Licata said they were open to offers of giving him a massage at his home in Palm Beach, Florida despite strange rumors.

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Is anyone else furious that no one else has been charged? Shows how deep this shit goes.

Author — jaxsun72


Let's not forget how ABC wanted to bury this guy's name and bury the story

Author — sure thing


Money only emphasizes your true nature.

Author — Richard


Trust dude is on a island somewhere laughing. At all this...

Author — Cartier Da Don


This story should have been aired like 3 years ago. But ABC spiked it. How many girls could have been saved?

Author — Chavvah Laudon


His face: “They only got 50 girls on me? Ok...”

Author — Lou Sunny


ABC needs to be held accountable amazing how they have the nerve to NOW report the stories when it was being talked about years ago. And Youtube also, they buried the videos and labeled them as “conspiracy” when people were outing this already. It’s so sad... but the truth and the justice will arrive soon.

Author — Karim Jovian


Obviously they are still protecting the co-conspirators! They dont care to hold anyones feet to the fire!

Author — Sean


This is all a distraction from the real issue

Author — Rock amolie


The "law" and the "media" (especially you ABC!) were complicit in this! The damage has already BEEN DONE! It's too late to try to save face. The media and law enforcement need to be held accountable!

Author — Dillon Teglovic


How dare you put the womans photos up as a thumbnail, do u have no shame

Author — Clash Raider


Jeffrey Epstein was was an intelligence asset. A lot of people don't think hes dead.

Author — Adrian At And T


How long you guys think till the close the comments here? I bet by tomorrow

Author — Tommy Ohlrich


Jeffrey Epstein is a parasite. What an absolutely despicable person.

Author — Melanie Martin


Didnt ABC hide this for years???? $ = EVIL

Author — Matthew Cody


Predators always use the same tactics once ithey find a mo that works

Author — Shane Butler


I am disliking every video from ABC because they tried to cover the story

Author — Azerty Qwerty


I wonder if they killed the story because of all the times Stephanopolous was at Epstein’s house

Author — Ed Robbins


What a monster!!! 😥😓
I hope he rots in hell!

Author — JJames Burke


ABC you are bought and owned by our controlled and corrupt leaders in charge. You are no longer to be trusted anymore . you are the true enemy to the peoole.

Author — Mike Rowe