Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects

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Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects 5

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Trudeau is an EU Arse licker.
And trup knows this

Author — micla 62


Imagine, .... a leader that puts his own country and people first. So logical, ... but nothing Trudeau understands.

Author — Peter J


Trudeau is a Globalist enemy of the Canadian people.

Author — Frank D. Long


You guys (Canadians) need to get rid of soy boy Justin Immediately, Destroyed the country enough.

Author — badassdahn


People that voted for Justin Trudeau were saying "just give him a chance" to let him grow into the job. Shame on you for believing in his ideology and his empty promises. His behavior on the world stage clearly reveals that he is child/man. Justin Trudeau is responsible for disintegrating the Canadian way of life and our history, in 3 short years.

Author — Elko Bill


It's time for Canada to put the grown-ups back in charge.

Author — Katherine Earnshaw


The difference between Trump and Trudeau - one is a nationalist and loves America and the other is a globalist and hates Canada

Author — My2psworth


I like Ezra Levant he's a good speaker and does his homework worth listening to

Author — Gainey Coate


America first finally, I love it #Trump2020 💖

Author — Valeera


God bless the Rebel. There are no other news sources reporting the truth.

Author — WTF ZIGGY


Ban anyone but American citizens from working in any government job or a job that is using government money---AMERICANS FIRST!

Author — Sunshine Baker


Your President Trump's job is to protect and help the United States of America prosper. Not to hold Justin's hand.

Author — Ronald Humen


It's not that Trump left us out...its that he does not trust Trudeau. Did you know that Trudeau's father, Pierre Trudeau was blacklisted by the entire world intelligence community during his entire time as a PM...the intelligence community so distrusted Pierre Trudeau, the founder of the Quebec Communist Party in the 60s that they shared not a single intelligence report...I was reading about this communist the other day and it did not shock me.

Author — Grace Joubarne


It’s called PAY BACK. Bout Time. MAGA. 👍🏿👍🏿

Author — Marvin Carter



Author — Robin Johnson


Trump, Xi, Putin Tier A Leaders.
Trudeau, Macron, May Tier D leaders, see the difference.

Author — D Tango


This makes me think of a border wall with Mexico. American money American material American workers any and every thing American.

Author — Raymond Babcock


Fight, fight, that's what we did and we got Trump! MAGA!

Author — amy tilly


It’s about time I see honest reporting of the facts ..I appreciate this post ...

Author — Billy Jackson


Trump offered Truedope an out, he just pissed on Trumps shoes

Author — Moon Light