Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects

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Trudeau Silent as Trump Bans Canada from US infrastructure projects 5

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TurdEau promised the "most transparent government ever in Canada."
Like or hate Trump... he *is* the most transparent leader, and the MSM cannot deal with it.

Автор — Lake Nipissing


Trump is sticking it to the biggest globalist puppet traitor next to Merkel and macron. It is designed to destroy Trudeau and that is a good thing.

Автор — billmarks77


The difference between Trump and Trudeau - one is a nationalist and loves America and the other is a globalist and hates Canada

Автор — My2psworth


Down with the islamic canadian calliphate ... time to build a northern border wall

Автор — Derek Green


Trudeau is a Globalist enemy of the Canadian people.

Автор — Frank D. Long


You are way off here Mr. Levant. This buying preference is for federally funded infrastructure projects. American tax money should be used to benefit American citizens as much as possible. Why should Canadians reap economic benefit from US taxpayers’ labor. Trump did not declare trade war on Canada, but rather he rectified an injustice done towards the American taxpayer. Canadian industry is still able to sell goods to American private businesses and still sees tremendous benefit from free trade with the US. We didn’t declare anything against you. Your government is openly hostile towards the US government. If you want preferential treatment in bidding for US taxpayer money maybe your government should do things to ingratiate itself with US taxpayers. You openly support and call for Canada to play “hardball” with the US, while you cry about the US government looking out for its own people! Your government sucks. Deal with it. Maybe if you’re nice your laid off workers can get work visas with American companies lmao. MAGA doesn’t include Canada. Make your own country great. Can you honestly say that you wouldn’t support preferential treatment for Canadian companies when taxpayer funds are being doled out?

Автор — michail best


People that voted for Justin Trudeau were saying "just give him a chance" to let him grow into the job. Shame on you for believing in his ideology and his empty promises. His behavior on the world stage clearly reveals that he is child/man. Justin Trudeau is responsible for disintegrating the Canadian way of life and our history, in 3 short years.

Автор — Elko Bill


You guys (Canadians) need to get rid of soy boy Justin Immediately, Destroyed the country enough.

Автор — badassdahn


Trudeau will be remembered as Castro's son.

Автор — John


I'm Canadian and I love Mr Trump, hopefully he will buy Canada for a dollar in a few years maybe sooner.

Автор — Jack Nadeau


It's not that Trump left us out...its that he does not trust Trudeau. Did you know that Trudeau's father, Pierre Trudeau was blacklisted by the entire world intelligence community during his entire time as a PM...the intelligence community so distrusted Pierre Trudeau, the founder of the Quebec Communist Party in the 60s that they shared not a single intelligence report...I was reading about this communist the other day and it did not shock me.

Автор — Grace Joubarne


Imagine, .... a leader that puts his own country and people first. So logical, ... but nothing Trudeau understands.

Автор — Peter J


His name is not is Trudick!!!

Автор — Mark Gauvreau


Wait, Trudeau wants to get rid of oil and industry through a carbon tax... an economic plan to have every Canadian out of work!

Автор — pseudopetrus


JT is too busy sucking up to foreign handlers and frenemies for votes, to take care of Canadians. He's 100% a cabal sock puppet. Of course Trump is bringing the gravy train to a screeching halt....He's turning off the taps they depend on, until the cabal strategy that has ruined Europe, put England under a covert terrorist coup, and stripped the US of it's wealth, is no longer nestled within his neighbours home. Thank god, bc if it were not for Trump, the west and it's prosperity and values all be gone. We would turn around thinking we were on top of the world one minute, with cash from high priced oil, partying, drugs, and porn and realize it's morning, we are cold, feeling old, betrayed our friends, someone picked our pockets, our bums are sore and the clap is more common than the cold.

Автор — Dream State


No one but U.S companies should be allowed to bid and benefit from U.S infrastructure projects. it's not a trade war it's Americans for Americans. America first means just that - Americans taking care of America. Canadian banks and telecom companies should be banned from the U.S as well - especially since the same type of U.S companies are not allowed in Canada.

Автор — Non ya


I like Ezra Levant he's a good speaker and does his homework worth listening to

Автор — Gainey Coate


Your President Trump's job is to protect and help the United States of America prosper. Not to hold Justin's hand.

Автор — Ronald Humen


Sorry, Canada. Nafta was killing the US. It was biased toward Mexico and Canada. My President loves his country and will do anything to help it flourish. It is about time. Both my husband and 2 sons lost their jobs under the Obama regime. Both of our sons had to move home. I hate being on the public dole but we had to. My sons have found employment. Unfortunately, my husband died before seeing Trump take office and saving our country.
Work on your own country. Make Canada great again.

Автор — just me


Trudeau is the spawn of satan...plain and simple. He needs to be exterminated....

Автор — JSJ L