Obama: 'We Don't Need a War' With Russia

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Obama: 'We Don't Need a War' With Russia 4
*President Barack Obama said in an interview that aired Thursday that "we don't need a war" with Russia, downplaying the chance of military conflict between the U.S. and Russia over tensions in Ukraine...Obama's comments came days after a Russian fighter jet made multiple close-range passes near a U.S. Navy ship in the Black Sea. When asked if the aircraft "buzz" represented Russian President Vladimir Putin's attempt to send a signal to Washington, Obama said Russia is "not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


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They wanna send a strong message, "We are hypocrites."

Note to Obama: Everyone already knows.

Author — Mephistahpheles


Anyone stupid enough to think that a war with Russia is a good thing has no clue whatsoever what reality is. Nobody wins when nuclear superpowers go to war.

Author — psychoabattoirhorror


who gave consequences to america's role in disrupting the sovereignty of libiya, egypt, iraq and syria

Author — Nkakzola Africano


Actually, Alaska has a third valuable asset that was far more valuable than gold and oil, and it was very critical during the Cold War. The fact that if Alaska had been part of the Soviet Union, they could've easily parked all of their nuclear ICBMs in Alaska's tail and let the shit storm rain down on the continental U.S.

Author — NaziGOPBallmer


This will cause an outrage within the Republican party. They want a nuclear war with Russia now.

Author — anjoskold


It doesn't matter who would win. It would be a war where everyone loses.

Author — blobland


They touch Alaska and it's not going to be cold.  It's gonna be hot.  Nuclear Hot.

Author — The Dx Gamer Show


Ice-Crimea LOL. At least the man has humor.

Author — Markus Westermann


Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of Cold Weather Training pretty soon?

Author — Korick Armstrong


The whole interview is staged? as if that doesn't happen in America.. 

Author — Aran


I thought Putin should've said, well I can see the Palin's house from mine, so who knows....

Author — Robin Addis-Vaughn


You know what would be a rational and reasonable response to Putin?  Take away Russia's permanent membership on the security council.  No more veto power for you!

Author — modelmajorpita


You "tough, brave" American patriots will go on here and talk about how weak Russia and Putin is. Keep in mind that the US's space program relies on the bases located in Russia. You want to start beef with Russia? Say goodbye to that. Lots of European countries like Germany import their oil from Russia. You want to start beef with Russia? Say goodbye to that. Stop acting like a bunch of "cool" high school kids. Acting tough in this situation isn't going to do us any favors...

Author — Movie Muscle


again cenk, stop trying be funny lol, your not. 

Author — Ibra_Dza


Russian imperialism plays a good game here. They feed on the fear of the Russian speaking Ukrainians. Ever since the Soviet-Union collapsed the ethnic Russians in Ukraine have never settled in. They reject the anticommunist nationalist Ukrainians who glorify the Ukrainian Waffen SS because it fought against Stalin. For ethnic Ukrainians those soldiers are ''freedom'' fighters, for the Russians they are collaborators and fascists. The working class of Ukraine is deeply divided because of ethnic sectarianism. All this because there is no genuine workers party to lead the proletariat. .The official communist party has sided with the ethnic Russians and praises Joseph Stalin, alienating ethnic Ukrainian workers who suffered under Stalinist totalitarianism.  

Author — Revolutionary Socialist Media


It's funny how he's talking about letting Ukrainian People do what THEY WANT, when the people who took over the government were controlled by them...

Author — Giannis



Author — Kurt Gödel


they can have Alaska. But please kill Sarah Palin.

Author — georgemiser


I lived in Georgia; didn't know it was Russian!

Author — Coffeeisnecessarynow


Get the prototype T-51b power armor to Anchorage pronto.

Author — EnigmaHood