Trump to reporter: 'You are a terrible person' - BBC News

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Trump to reporter: 'You are a terrible person' - BBC News 4.5
A reporter suggests to Trump that the migrant caravan is not "an invasion" but rather migrants slowly moving through Mexico towards the US border.

"Thank you for telling me that I appreciate it," Mr Trump says.

"They weren't' actors. You think they were actors? They didn't come from Hollywood," Mr Trump says about one of his campaign ads.

The journalist refuses to hand over the microphone, leading to Trump to admonish him.

"You shouldn't treat people that way," Trump says.

When another journalist rushes to his defence, Trump responds, "well I'm not a big fan of yours either".

"I think you should let me run the country," he told CNN reporter Jim Acosta when pressed further about his immigration claims.

"That's enough. Put down the mic."

"You are a rude terrible person," he added. "The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible. You shouldn't treat people that way."

"When you report fake are an enemy of the people," he said.

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What a hoolugan this CNN thing. I am glad he got kicked out...finally

Author — Bill Parsons


If you are a reporter, just ask question not making a speech. Shame on you.

Author — Mil Osiap


MrTrump did the right thing.... What' s happened to the standard of CNN🤔

Author — Ramona Netto


“ MAGA”(Make America Great Again) !
Not Globalism, but Great America!

Author — 장정심


Wow, this is golden. Russia actually was a hoax, this guy's main question deflected to "Are you worried about any indictments?" I don't blame DJT one bit for giving it back to them...he's right!!!!

Author — A J T


Why is this angle covering up for ACOSTA literally strong-arming the whitehouse aid from getting the

Author — Namaste !


If HE ran the country great wouldn't the GOP have WON THE HOUSE.

Author — Dolores Zumkeller


President Trump’s policy is simple and true. That’s enoughfff. I heard that “F” sounds dedicated to CNN employee. Lol. 😂😂🤣They must come to US LEGALLY. That’s right. That’s what every country wants.

Author — Min H. OO


I first watched this coverage from a cnn report and it was heavily edit. Thank you BBC for showing the whole thing, it certainly sheds a broader light of the reporting

Author — Rhoda Campbell


CNN is anti-people, or make it anti-world.

Author — clarkent46


The angle this video was taken from is a bit biased, since it does not show in detail how rude the reporter was to the intern.

BBC - fake news

Author — zenapsgas


Such a mannerless how he talks to his President

Author — sashikant gupta


They should fire or ban Acosta from this type of conference, don't act like you're above the conference rules, once it's other people's turn it's their turn, not yours.

Author — TheGreatslyfer


Jim should work at Arby’s as the stall cleaner

Author — Shiftyeyes775


Acosta belongs on the nightly news in Billings, Montana.

Author — Johnny Flyover


Bruh, in school in cspe we watched this

Author — n i n a


Trump: "you are a terrible person"

I see the irony in that

Author — Kasa Jizo


"You are the enemy of the people." Mic drop. I just love President Donald J Trump.

Author — Longinus


CNN reporter pushes the microphone lady
What a coward little man wish someone would've punished him in the face

Author — MrArchitect1


Wow im so suprised at how Donald Trupm handled this man 😃

Here in SA the president would of told the reporter to get out.

Author — Natasha Powell