The Finesse of Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle

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The Finesse of Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle 4.5

“The car business in general is a tough business. The car rental business, even more so. Anybody who finds out they can make money and drive a Ferrari, I mean, they’re diving in head first,” says Matt Cruz, owner of MVP Exotic Rentals, a legitimate luxury car rental business based in Miami.

But when everybody wants to be a celebrity, how do you tell the difference between faking it and making it? The game is finesse, and with the allure of getting behind the wheel of the world’s most expensive cars, who wouldn’t want to play?

In a world where likes and fame can be bought and the filtered facade of Instagram reigns supreme, VICE meets some of the legit — and the not-so-legit — players that cater luxury car rentals to the biggest rappers, athletes, and celebrities of the moment.

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Miami sounds like a truly depressing place.

Author — Mark McGrew


Legend has it the Cavaliers Cap was on rental too

Author — Kylian Tatum


This man's just lied about his entire life😂😂😂

Author — Snowyy


“Had us in the first half not gonna lie”

Author — Fuego Diego


The fact that he wears sunglasses at night is the first red flag lol

Author — Nestor Pineda


Dude started confessing to things nobody even asked him about. He needs a therapist real bad

Author — Jεε¥☯ñG


When the coke starts to wear off this is exactly what happens. You spill just like this guy did for no reason. Lolol

Author — Garrett Anderson


The one that talks the most, usually dont have it. Learned that, a long time ago...

Author — Yao Tzio


He hasn’t slept in 2 days because it’s a rental and he needs to drive it as much as he can before he has to return it.

Author — Omar G


I’m confused at the end. So basically that guy just lied about everything he said? And he isn’t some millionaire? And he is not known by any celebrities?🤷‍♂️😂

Author — R Rosales


When he said “Little Wayne”, it was a wrap.

Author — Jordan


Anyone who actually knows the value of a car like that, doesn’t sit/stand on it.... c’mon kids, time to grow up.

Author — Manny M


Never trust anyone who wears their baseball cap like that.

Author — ChunkymilkYT


ive been poor and rich... and i looked richer when i was

Author — Johan Cha


Miami is the place where fake rich people try to flex on fake rich people 🤣

Author — Berto Lazer


"Have you been finessing me" LOL when he puts it like that

Author — lookwhoscomin


Vice so let me get this straight, u did whole vid on a

Author — Stan Whitfield


Guy:talks about people faking their lifestyle
Also the guy: fakes his lifestyle

Author — OvO Jordan


Lol this dudes whole life is centered around social media posts and playing a cartoon character role

Author — John Lai


The Cleveland Cavaliers hat was a dead giveaway from the start...

Author — SSpecial Delivery