1000hp Supra Anti-Lag vs. Dried Up Christmas Tree!

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1000hp Supra Anti-Lag vs. Dried Up Christmas Tree! 5

You know we had to try it!

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I just published this video from 30, 000 feet in the air! We land in Sydney, Australia in an hour, who's ready for some crazy burnout vids!?! HELL YEAH

Author — Cleetus McFarland


This is the most expensive lighter ever

Author — PaN TaDeUsZ


"Just needs a hair of gasoline" Half a gallon should do it. FireAndGasoline approved!

Author — Fire And Gasoline


Does this also work on old dried out ex-mother in laws?

Author — Steven D


Cooper the type of guy to read the instructions to a tree stand

Author — East Bay Angler


Take Leroy to a ricer meet.. and do it for dale of course

Author — Hayden Reece


Next video: Supra Anti Lag vs Fireworks on the 4th of July

Author — Just A Car Guy Named Tom


63 split window corvette...not just a corvette.

Author — adam forbes


Hold up how you gonna just skip right by the 63 split window? "Another Corvette" nah that's not just another Corvette

Author — LQ4Savage


That’s not just a corvette. That’s a split window!!

Author — Alabama Cateye


And that split window corvette is probably the most expensive car out of them all

Author — Ford Fan


Is no one gonna acknowledge the split window

Author — Gabe Thompson


two step lighting up dried christmas trees and then going to Australia to light up tires. Living the dream!

Author — maxxjett films


That wasn’t just any corvette brother...

Author — The Fasta


Did Cooper seriously break out the instructions to the tree stand? lol

Author — hertzer2000


Did anyone else think of fast and furious when they saw the garage

Author — Matthew Pomeroy


“Here’s another Corvette” Totally glosses over the fact it’s at 1963.5 Split Window Vette...

Author — CRAWFORDx96


His laugh at 2:15 matches the Elmo's World theme song perfectly.

Author — Nikon White


*just ignores the fact that the corvette he walked by was a 1963 coupe* I cried a little

Author — Nick Adam


Cleetus didn't learn from the gf burnout fire, so he intentionally tries to start a small forest fire. Also, I'd say Neighbor is better at starting fires than a supra. Most likely because of the American V8 screamin eagles.

Author — Sizukun