San Diego: Pit Bull?/ Bulldog? Attacks 02092020

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 2-9-20 6:37 am
LOCATION: 4700 blk of Seminole Dr.
CITY: San Diego

A male Pit Bull/ Bulldog? was on the loose in the neighborhood and at Clay Park. A man & his wife were with their 3 Schipperkes and a Golden Retriever in the park when the Pit Bull came and attacked one of their dogs. (a Schipperkers) The couple tried to save their dog, but it wasn’t until another man intervened and hit the dog with a dog toy (stick) that the Pit Bull released the other dog. The smaller dog was killed. It was 14 years old and the couple had rescued it 4 years ago from SD Humane Society.
The dog made his way to sit outside of an apartment complex. Police officers kept an eye on the dog when an SD Humane Society officer arrived. The officer approached the dog with a “Catch Pole”. The dog went for the attack on the officer and came with a foot of her as the police officers went to defend her. (Caught on Video).
More Humane Society officers arrived. After climbing to a 2nd story apartment, the SDHS officer was able to make entry and was able to put the “Catch Pole” rope around the dogs’ throat. The dog was very strong and was beginning to fight with the officer. Another officer came in with a “Catch Pole” and they were able to put the dog in the truck.
A male from the apartment complex told us he was attacked by the same dog earlier in the evening and the dog had bitten through his pants leg before he was able to get away. We were also told that by the owners of the dead dog, that a young boy across the street from the park had the Pit Bull chase him and his smaller dog. The Police and the SDHS will be looking for the owner of the dog.

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I work as a mail man, have multiples encounter with pit bulls jumping fence, charging out through fence, it’s terrifying. Ptsd with dogs is being real. It’s sad these owners don’t care for others.

Author — Remy South


U got the Pit Owner? The Pittbull looks well fed and in good condition. Hope u catch the Owner

Author — ZentralratDerPatrioten


The owner of the dog who attached should be jailed. My deepest condolences to you. So sorry for your loss.

Author — Lina Falvo


I am amazed by the professionalism, courage and efficiency of the Police Department shown in this video. Hats off.

Author — Deepanjan Sengupta


Even when they finally got the brute in the restraining leash the dog still wouldn't give up. That's the kind of dog you're dealing with when it comes to pitts. That's why when doing my route I ALWAYS carry a can of bear spray.

Author — Silentknight


Watching that man cry over his deceased dog hurts my heart. 💗

Author — petdetail


How many cops must be wasting the time? Why they didn’t shot? Incredible!

Author — Talycomoseescribe


oh my god, the man crying over his killed dog, petting his lifeless body... made me cry so much. it's like losing your family member. he even has little trolly for the rest of his doggos, he cares so much for them. the pup also looks like a smaller version of my own dog...

Author — echelon chick


I wanted to cry when that man held his dead dog . My heart goes out to him . Hope they put that dog out and pressed charges on owner and also ban him from owning a pit in the future .

Author — __ BLUe - - BLOOd __


Aw. I feel so bad for that little black doggie and his owner. A beautiful relationship based on trust and love, dashed in mere minutes by a most unappealing beast.

Author — Lekendra Cannon


How heartbreaking for that man and how beautiful for those that stopped and allowed their dogs to even show compassion ❤️

Author — Barby Bubbles


Pitbull não é pra qualquer um, más hoje em dia virou moda...

Author — TON


I felt so sorry for the man who little dog was killed. He’s lucky the pit didn’t go after him or the rest of the dogs.

Author — Linda Furr


The first thing I noticed was that the dog has no collar, choke chain or tag on which tells me he/she wasn't even tied up to anything. Someone purposely let that dog out.

Author — Zebra Face


This is so heartbreaking for these people who lost their beautiful dog it's so sad that these owners of these pit bulls don't take responsibility for proper training and the dogs have to suffer my congrats on how these police officers and humane society handled this situation great job to all of them

Author — bessie Morris


I was worried that stick with the hoop to snap in half, that dog is strong.

Author — King_Tony


It’s amazing how gentle the are with that dog.

Author — Knowledge Suncere


My deepest condolences to the man who lost his dog. It made me cry, to see that he had to go through that.

Author — Barbie Serna


Well done First Responders! Amazing work on this tough catch.

Thank you for your service.

Author — flyinsquirrel48


watching that man pet his dead dog was so fucking sad.

Author — Printed Jays