Inside the United Kingdom's Tech Renaissance

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Inside the United Kingdom's Tech Renaissance 4.5

In this episode of Hello World, Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance heads to England to find out how the country is fighting to inject new life into its technology industry. The trip starts out in Bletchley Park. From there, it’s off to Cambridge, the heart of England’s technology scene. Vance hangs out with learned cows and artificial intelligence whizzes, bikes past Newton’s famed apple tree (at least a reasonable replica of it), and goes punting with the inventor of the Raspberry Pi computer. From Cambridge, it’s off to the Cotswolds and the headquarters of Dyson to see its latest creations. And then on to London to check out some startups and whine about Brexit while drinking the world’s most exotic cocktails at the Langham Hotel.

Hello World is a Webby and Emmy-nominated video series from Bloomberg that invites the viewer to come on a journey across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them.

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England - where being successful is rude. Most true words I have ever heard

Author — Nick Lim


Filmed before ARM was bought by a Japanese firm and Dyson moved to Singapore.

Author — Calum Spencer


he needs to practice his connect 4, what on earth was that!

Author — theo tryhard


The City of London, the richest square mile in the world, and London's second financial centre; Canary Wharf should invest some of their trillions that past through these institutions and invest in British innovation. Because innovation in Great Britain is damn hard when you don't have a Government supporting would be Entrepreneurs, unlike countries like Germany and Japan. Don't they get it, innovation creates wealth and reduces poverty. Its a Win, Win situation. But investors in the UK want fast returns and don't invest in British innovations over the long term, preferring short term profit and selling off our assets, like ARM as one example. This kind of practice needs to stop, allowing foreign competitors to buy up our technology.

Author — Leigh Garfield


"Dyson has perfected suck ... and now its on to blow" - awesome!

Author — Cape Fear Family Law


Basically considered rude to be successful here. This is both hilarious and true.

Author — John Smith


BAE is among the most advanced company's in the World!

Author — ClarksonsinUSA


20:16 Dyson. 4 years and $71 Mn to bring supersonic hairdryer to life.

Author — Christopher Armstrong


24:00 just as I thought of an electric car with partnership from Dyson.

Author — Muhammad Mirsab


Technology renaissance: welcome to next gen... hair dryer?

Author — frabsurdity


1:50 that's when i downvoted and closed the video.

Author — kwinzman


9:36 He's doing punting, similar to an Italian activity on narrow water. I can see stuff like this at a local resort in my current hometown! The resort is even the tallest building in the state where I live!

Author — Dave Otuwa


2:43 outrageous, I was just on my way to put the kettle on when he said that, x-D

Author — jandroid33


I wish they could defeat leukemia as well as predicting my favorite Bill Murray movie.

Author — Michael Sweeney


ARM??? Now owned by a Japanese firm. But British through and through! The architecture is the back bone of most of the planets smart phones...

Author — mason maclean


Going to the pub was about the most interesting part.

Author — geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz


Connect 4 is the type of algorithm that shouldn't be classified as AI, it's a state based game that falls into the category of 'solved game', any non-intelegent computer can simulate the flow of the game selecting optimal moves, all based of a simulation and algorithm, no actual thought or decision making, just following user inputted procedure...

Author — thehALomolov2


You have a nice hair Mr. Concept Director. Then... they showed Mr. Matt Childe -...

Author — grrr 。


"Dyson as we all know... Has perfected s u c c"

Author — MonkeyJuice


Yes Dyson is, as we speak, developing a wheeled hair dryer.

Author — Chris Wood