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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

What's the best free firewall for Windows? In this video we perform a live test with ransomware on the network to find out. #firewall #ransomware #test #bestfirewall

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I really like Glasswire for a host based firewall. Comodo does look a bit more superior in features but I tend to run on a "ask to connect" setting which means the Firewall blocks by default and I have to allow the pop up. It makes for easy digestion since the GUI is a bit more easier to navigate and understand than Comodo's. From my understanding is that it does use the base Windows Firewall. That said, I also run my PC on a standard user account and not an admin account. This of course protects from A LOT. Cyber security is a multi tiered approach and one tool ain't going to protect you from everything even though Comodo looks to be one of the best stand alone products you can get.

Author — Kabloosh


I love Comodo Firewall. I have been using it forever. Respect to Comodo for offering such a magnificent Firewall for free.

Author — Andreas Plosky


Hi Leo, Comodo firewall is awesome and of course, you can tweak the firewall in the settings and fine-tune access points you're trying to prevent anyone from trying to gain access to. Works with any AV you have could also have tested it against file-less malware as well as Polymorphic worms the containment feature works against any unknown malware will sandbox until removed also recommended mention Tiny Wall.

Author — Wilfredo Torres


It always boggles my mind that comodo can make such an epic firewall with unique features no other security company has but have such a shit anti virus/signitures and security suite.

Author — eraldorh


Firewall is now more needed to stop OS from spying on the user than to protect against malware.
One problem is that most firewalls utilize Windows Filtering Platform, which is nice, but controlled by Microsoft. The only firewall which is using it's own driver instead of WFP that I found is net-peeker. It is very nice for more advanced users. I even was able to make system very non-responsive by mistakenly blocking RPC connections.
Another nice firewall I found is more like configurator for Windows Firewall named Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control. But of course, if MS want to punch a hole in their Firewall, it will affect this solution too...

Author — Siwiec Ministro


Awesome video thank you! I hadn't messed with CFW in forever it looks very useful. Ive been using Sophos XG Home for a while on an old optiplex I threw a second NIC into and boom better than any crappy sonicwall for nothing.

Author — Wahinies


Comodo makes one of the best firewalls around. I included the Comodo firewall in our recourses section in the documents that we provide that shuts down Windows 10 and 11 from spying on you.

Author — Computer X Red Pill Or Blue Pill


Thank you for this, it was very helpful. I had trouble finding reviews about 3rd party firewalls on YT, excited to mess around with this one.

Author — Jack


I'm recommending Comodo Firewall for the past 10 years. It's the only solution to secure your pc for 99% without the loss of system performance!

Author — NoveyBoy


Great Video I just wish you had gone a bit further on info.
Can it be used with other security products?
I have bitdefender and Malwarebytes so not sure if it will work for me or if it might screw up my current protection.

Author — GrenPara


Hello PC Security Channel, they say that Emsisoft shielded the Windows firewall improving what was good but also including a shield where it would improve the system I don't know if it has to do with blocking the behavior of the software which is very good but I wonder if you observed this comparing with Comodo if only Emsisoft would be enough with Windows Firewall or if we should also think about including Comodo together with Emsisoft. Ah, Emsisoft has an excellent remote manager with a new panel where you can investigate where the virus is coming from and where it is infecting.. Could you evaluate this and give us your opinion.

Author — A.F.A Tecnologia


good old comodo :D been using it on and off for like 10 years or so. it can be a bit frustrating, when creating each rule manually... but it works wonders <3

Author — Xamiakass


Please do a test with Comodo antivirus.
It's hard to find honest reviews these days, feels like everything is paid for.

Author — SamiK


I personally use Comodo and partnered with them. They are the best! That sound for popups is legend for them!

Author — QuickSilverST250


could you please put links to the software you recommend because there is so many fake version of stuff made with the same name, it's hard to tell when you actually getting recommended the correct thing in a google search.

Thanks for always keep us inform and helping us be more secure with our information and devices.

Author — SinthetyX


Great video! I knew the Comodo firewall existed but I didn't know if it was any good or not. I just never had the time or idea to actually try it out. :) One of the BEST features is the sound it makes when it blocks something. :) Thanks for posting!

Author — TheCocoaDaddy


I've been using Comodo Firewall for over 6 years, I never installed any antivirus and have had a clean PC since. Well recommended

Author — Ultra Low Muzik


Thanks again for the tips Leo! Great work!

Author — Draxis32


This is really superb, as I also use pfsense separately at route level.

Author — mat ldn


Hello great video but how do you find those malware samples?

Author — Raceworld